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Lu Xun caught up with and besieged Liu Bei there before his men could recuperate. Before Liu Bei left, there was a farewell banquet and everyone was content. Despite early failings compared to his rivals and lacking both the material resources and social status they commanded, he gathered support among disheartened Han loyalists who opposed Cao Cao, the warlord who controlled the Han central government and the figurehead Emperor Xian, and led a popular movement to restore the Han dynasty through this support. This is not a good plan. When they met the rebels in the landscape. Liu Bei led his army and set up an ambush. If you are able to respond to them accordingly then this isn't worth regret."[55][56]. [66], Sun Quan's forces, led by Zhou Yu, attacked Cao Ren after their resounding victory to wrestle for control of Jiangling County. Liu Bei knew Cao Cao would come yet he knew he would hold Hanzhong. Liu Bei answered: “Now the empire is in chaos and every days there are battles. When they reached Xiapi, they met rebels army and Liu Bei fought hard with talent. Around this time, Liu Bei took his leave at Liu Biao's grave. [36], However, surrounded by hostile forces and facing a lack of food supplies, Liu Bei and his men resorted to cannibalism. (初,孫權以妹妻先主,妹才捷剛猛,有諸兄之風,侍婢百餘人,皆親執刀侍立,先主每入,衷心常凜凜;亮又知先主雅愛信正,故言如此。), (亮荅曰:「主公之在公安也,北畏曹公之彊,東憚孫權之逼,近則懼孫夫人生變於肘腋之下; ...), (雲別傳曰: ... 先主入益州,雲領留營司馬。此時先主孫夫人以權妹驕豪,多將吳吏兵,縱橫不法。先主以雲嚴重,必能整齊,特任掌內事。), (孫權聞備西上,遣舟船迎妹,而夫人慾將備子禪還吳,張飛、趙雲勒兵截江,乃得禪還。), (權聞備西徵,大遣舟船迎妹,而夫人內欲將後主還吳,雲與張飛勒兵截江,乃得後主還。), List of fictitious stories in Romance of the Three Kingdoms#Liu Bei and Lady Sun's marriage, Annotations to Records of the Three Kingdoms,, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 December 2020, at 05:37. Finding that he had no meat, however, Liu An killed his wife and used meat from her body to prepare Liu Bei … To support themselves, Liu Bei and his mother sold shoes and straw-woven mats. Although Chengdu's citizens were terrified by Ma Chao's army, they insisted on putting up a desperate fight against the enemy. That province is rich, with a population of a million. [19], Later, the Han central government decreed that any official who had gained the post as a reward for military contributions was to be dismissed and an inspector was sent to Liu Bei's prefecture. Sun Quan sent a letter seeking for peace but Liu Bei refused. He then took command of Yang Huai's and Gao Pei's troops, numbering under 5,000. However, Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei, another of Liu Bei's generals, led their men to intercept her along the way and retrieve Liu Shan. Lu Xun was unable to overcome the blockade and did not press any further attack. Be vigilant! [77][78], Liu Bei led an expedition force of several ten thousands soldiers into Yi Province after leaving behind Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun to guard Jing Province. Liu Bei then pressed on Zhang He at Guangshi (廣石) but failed to achieve any success; at the same time, Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He were not able to hinder Liu Bei from mobilising forces around the area. 32., In early winter 219, Sun Quan's forces led by Lü Meng invaded Liu Bei's territories in Jing Province and captured and executed Guan Yu. Liu Bei externally guarded against bandits and internally he generously carried out economic measures. Like Sun Jian, he grew up in a poor family, a member of the common class. He will soon be under another. For the time being, you should only encourage his attack on Yi while you explain that you recently conquered several commanderies and cannot act yet. Now that men are joining me, how can I reject them!”[62], Afraid that Liu Bei might reach Jiangling County which had military stores before him, Cao Cao led his cavalry on pursuit for Xiangyang. She had four brothers who were also born to Lady Wu – Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Yi and Sun Kuang. How can you regularly do this?” Yuanqi answered: “This boy is in our clan, and he is an extraordinary person.”. [90], After Liu Bei's conquest of Yi Province, Sun Quan sent Lu Su as an emissary to demand the return of the commanderies in southern Jing Province, but Liu Bei refused and told him to wait until he took Liang province. Liu Bei fled to Xuchang to take shelter under Cao Cao, who brought Liu Bei along as he personally led an army to attack Lü Bu in Xu Province. Do not commit an evil because you think it minor; do not neglect to do a good because you think it small. He established a bureaucracy and an ancestral temple where he offered sacrifices to Emperor Gao. When Meng Da learned that Liu Bei was going to launch a campaign against Sun Quan, he became concerned that he would be punished for not sending reinforcements to Guan Yu earlier, so he defected to Wei. In the second part, she infiltrates Cao Cao's camp and draws a map of the enemy formation. Her name was Sun Ren (孫仁) in the novel,[12] in which she is depicted as a very fiery and determined woman. When Huang Yuan (黃元) administrator of Hanjia heard that Liu Bei was ill, he rebelled because he feared that after his death, his bad relation with Zhuge Liang would bring him problem. Liu Zhang invited Liu Bei to join him in Yi Province to capture Hanzhong Commandery before Cao Cao did. Liu Bei was ready to kill him but the inspector begged him for mercy and so he didn't. [91], Liu Bei became worried about Cao Cao seizing Hanzhong Commandery. As Hanzhong Commandery was a strategic location and the northern "gateway" into Yi Province, Liu Zhang was afraid. Moreover, Guan Yu is fighting against Yue Jian at Qingni (清泥). As far as today's matter is concerned, the people will adhere to men of talent and ability. Huang Zhong targeted Xiahou Yuan's unit and completely routed it. Lady Sun attempted to bring Liu Bei's son Liu Shan, who was born to Liu Bei's other wife Lady Gan, with her back to Sun Quan's territory. However, they will embrace the former Administrator of Pingyuan, Liu Bei, as their rightful leader. [87] However, Liu Zhang surrendered to Liu Bei after stating that he did not wish to see further bloodshed. Liu Bei's adviser Zhuge Liang once said: "When our lord (Liu Bei) was in Gong'an, he dreaded Cao Cao's influence in the north and feared Sun Quan's presence in the east. After Liu Biao's death, Liu Bei led many civilians to join Liu Qi to Xiakou where they allied with Sun Quan to oppose Cao Cao at the Battle of Red Cliffs. [46][47], Liu Bei first went to Qing province which was under Yuan Tan's supervision. Liu Bei sent Mi Zhu and Sun Qian as ambassadors to Liu Biao. Tian Kai and Liu Bei led their armies to support Tao Qian. Knowing that his enemy was not expecting a sudden strike, Lu Xun ordered a counterattack and set fire to the Shu camps linked to each other by wooden fences. He has no talents and command a distant commandery. [45], Having achieved stability in Xuchang, Cao Cao turned his attention towards preparing for a battle with Yuan Shao. Please try again later. Captain Oblivious: Liu Biao persists in believing that Liu Bei is a good person, despite his wife's pointing out all of Liu Bei's misdeeds and suspicious behaviour. Wonder why a lot of you guy are bias toward Liu Bei and not Cao Cao, yet many of … Later that year, the combined forces of Cao Cao and Liu Bei defeated Lü Bu at the Battle of Xiapi; Lü Bu was captured and executed after his defeat. After the death of Zhou Yu in 210 and Liu Bei's growing influence in southern Jing Province, Sun Quan's position in the north became more untenable. Thereupon he tied the inspector and led him to the outskirts of the district then he bound the inspector to a tree, undid his ribbon of office and tied the inspector's neck and gave him more than one hundred strokes with a bamboo stave. Around this time, Cao Cao said brusquely to Liu Bei: "Currently among the heroes of the empire, there is only you and I. Liu Biao didn't trust him completely and secretly guarded against Liu Bei. They were killed or captured by Liu Bei's forces. He excused himself on account of a clap of thunder and told to Cao Cao: "When the wise said, “If there is a sudden clap of thunder and a fierce wind, I must change my countenance” it was truly with reason. Liu Bei caught and defeated them. His horse was named Dilu (的盧), and he quickly ride him. Liu Bei sent a request for aid to Cao Cao and Xiahou Dun was sent with a relief force, but Xiahou Dun’s reinforcements were defeated by Gao Shun, and soon after Liu Bei was chased out of Xiaopei again, retreating once more to Cao Cao’s lands. Urging his heir to not emulate him and being as virtuous as possible he appointed to help him Zhuge Liang in charge of domestic matters and Li Yan for the military matters. In 211, Liu Zhang, the Governor of Yi Province (covering present-day Sichuan and Chongqing), heard that Cao Cao planned to attack the warlord Zhang Lu in Hanzhong Commandery. His treats both the elites and the worthies with respect. Liu Bei was grievely wounded and had to fake death. "and he requested that another 10,000 soldiers and additional provisions aid in the defence of Jing Province. Liu Bei is one of those types that likes to pretend he has high minded principles but will throw them away the moment an opportunity to profit comes along. [50], In 201, Cao Cao led his army to attack Liu Bei in Runan Commandery after his victory over Yuan Shao at the Battle of Guandu. Above, you can assist our sovereign and bring aid to the common people then you could fulfill the calling of the Five Hegemons. "[81][82], Fa Zheng, Zhang Song and Meng Da set into motion their plan but they worried that Liu Bei would leave. [57] Liu Zhong then sent Song Zhong (宋忠) to Liu Bei. Liu Bei saw through this and pretented to go to the toilet and nimbly escaped. He also holds the six commanderies, his troops trained and the supplies abundant. He wept at the situation Jing province was. [34], Liu Bei and Yuan Shu had a standoff for about a month without any decisive result. Around this time, Cao Cao memorialized to appoint Liu Bei as General Who Subdues The East and enfeoffed him as marquis of Yicheng Village. Zhang Song and his entourage told him about everything and furthmore drew a map of Yi province with the location of the mountains and rivers. Poor guy. [26][27], In 194, Yuan Shao's ally, Cao Cao, attacked Tao Qian, the Governor of Xu Province. and requested for a border treaty with Sun Quan for the Jing province with Jiangxia, Changsha and Guiyang going to Sun Quan while Nan commandery, Lingling and Wuling would go back to Liu Bei, setting the new border along the Xiang River. Why would he allow us expend ourselves while waiting for his death? Liu Bei survived the purge because he was not in Xuchang. [84], In the spring of 213, Liu Zhang sent Liu Gui, Ling Bao, Zhang Ren, Deng Xian, Wu Yi and other officers to stop him at Fu. I saw a lot of complaints Liu Bei should get an event straight after Dong Zhou's event as traditionally Lu Bu left and asked Liu Bei for protection. "[42][43], However, at the same time, Liu Bei was anxious to leave Xuchang and be free of Cao Cao's control. That's why I am sad. Liu Bei's grandfather, Liu Xiong did well and was recommended as a candidate for civil office in the xiaolian process. Liu Bei also proposed Liu Zhang to be General Who Subdues The West and Gouvernor of Yi province. She also appears in Warriors Orochi, a crossover between Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. Liu Bei sent a messenger to Liu Zhang: "Cao Cao campaigned against Sun and now they are in danger. After his defeat against Cao Cao, Lü Bu joined him and seized the province while Liu Bei was away fighting Yuan Shu. From the Former Lord's magnanimity, determination, tolerance and generosity to his judgment of men and treatment of elites assuredly had the air of Emperor Gaozu (Liu Bang) and the aura of a hero about him. Now I would have to betray him and his trust to save myself and this isn't something I am ready to do. Liu Bei's somewhat Confucian tendencies were also dramatized compared to his rival states' founders. Soon, you will have to think of a way to take care of him." [105], Liu Bei stayed in Baidicheng until his death in spring of 223. Away from the battlefields in the east and under Liu Biao's efficient rule, Jing Province was prosperous and a popular destination for literati fleeing from the destruction of war. If he was able to use Zhang Lu's grain stores and launch an invasion of Yi province, who could stop him." Liu Bei then had Huang Zhong and Zhuo Ying lead his soldiers against Liu Zhang. The days and months pass like a stream, and old age will come, but I have achieved nothing. Liu Bei managed to escape overnight to Baidicheng by ordering his men to discard their armour and set them aflame to form a fire blockade. The awesomeness of a single clap can cause this! Chinese actress Zhao Wei portrayed Sun Shangxiang in the 2008 Chinese epic war film Red Cliff directed by John Woo. With their help, Liu Bei learned all about Yi province. He served as Cao Cao's ears an eyes and want to conquer Yi province. Xu Province (徐州) and Xuchang (許昌) have similar Romanisations in, Throughout Chinese history, no successful emperor had ruled purely based on Confucianism (though some did purely use Legalism). info)) (176–222),[2] courtesy name Mengqi, was a military general and warlord who lived in the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period of China. Liu Bei (161-223) was the founder of the Chinese Shu Han dynasty and its first Emperor. [17], Liu Bei led his militia to join the local government forces led by Colonel Zou Jing and participated in battles against the rebels with distinction. When he reached the age of fifteen, his mother sent him to study under Lu Zhi. Feb 13, 2015 - Explore Nou Girl's board "Liu Bei" on Pinterest. [1] She was a daughter of the warlord Sun Jian and his wife Lady Wu, and a younger sister of the warlords Sun Ce and Sun Quan, who founded the state of Eastern Wu in the Three Kingdoms period. Narrowly escaping, Zhang He retreated to Nanzheng County on foot, and the Ba region became part of Liu Bei's territory.[93]. In 215, Cao Cao defeated Zhang Lu at the Battle of Yangping and seized Hanzhong Commandery. However, the criticism did not dampen the enthusiastic shoe industry owners in their decision to erect a statue of Liu Bei in the West China Shoe Center Industrial Zone, which was still under construction in Wuhou District as of August 2005. Notable actors who have portrayed Liu Bei in films and television series include: Sun Yanjun in Romance of the Three Kingdoms (1994); Chang Fu-chien in Guan Gong (1996); Elliot Ngok in Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (2008); You Yong in Red Cliff (2008–09); Yu Hewei in Three Kingdoms (2010); Alex Fong in The Lost Bladesman (2011); Yan Yikuan in God of War, Zhao Yun (2016); Tony Yang in Dynasty Warriors (2019). Liu Bei was furious, he returned to his office and led clerks and soldiers to the postal relay station and forced his enter through the door and said: "I have been secretly instructed by the Commandery Administrator to arrest the inspector!" This led Sun Quan to offer Liu Bei the chance to marry his younger sister, Sun Shangxiang (historically simply known as Lady Sun, but referred to by her Dynasty Warriors name He would often say: "I must ride in this feather covered chariot (emperor chariot)." "Also he ordered Guan Yu to encamp at Jiangling, Zhang Fei at Zigui, Zhuge Liang in Nan commandery and Liu Bei himself led his men at Zhanling. In the selection of hero cards in the Chinese card game San Guo Sha, there is also a "Liu Bei" card that players can select at the beginning of the game. Liu Bei sent Son Zhong away and summoned his officers to discuss of the next strategy. She is referred to as "Sun Shang Xiang" in the first seven installments of the series, and as "Sun Shangxiang" from the eighth installment onwards. A Ming dynasty illustration of Liu Bei in the Sancai Tuhui. Recently, Tao Qian has died and the people are without a ruler. When he learned that he already passed through there. He was a When Liu Bei met them, he welcomed them warmly and treated them with kindness. Liu Bei then returned to Xiaopei to keep an eye on Lü Bu. Liu Bei agreed with Lu Su. Meanwhile, Liu Bei appointed Zhang Fei as the Administrator of Baxi Commandery (巴西郡) and ordered him to take over the region. Liu Bei never participated in the Campaign against Dong Zhuo, although he is said to have raised troops for the purpose. Rather than join the coalition against Dong Zhuo, he joined his childhood friend Gongsun Zan and fought under him against Yuan Shao many times with recognition. What 50 year old man wouldnt want a young, 20-ish girl to be his wife? Liu Bei then moved his camp into a forest for shade and ordered Huang Quan to lead a portion of his navy to camp just outside the forest. As a dominant ruler in Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires, she calls her five greatest warriors "Shang Xiang's Five"… People often forget that ROTK is a novel based on historical events, not a historically accurate narrative. In the drama, Sun is the love interest of Xiu, who is the Iron Dimension counterpart of Liu Bei. In the Japanese version of Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires, Sun Shang Xiang is given the nickname of "The Angel of Wrath" while the English version changes it to "The Ray of Light on the Battlefield". Liu Bei set up his base at Gong'an County and continued to strengthen his forces. Xu Shu also urged Liu Bei to call on Zhuge Liang. Request to be recruited the area between Yang and Xu Jing his minister, and the. Extend themselves and so are very anxious and made his son to Liang! ( NES ). [ 102 ] trust him completely and secretly guarded against bandits and internally he carried! Cheng 's conspiracy and had to fake death up the misunderstanding, she met! Eyes and want to conquer Zhang Lu, defected to Liu Bei for protection increased, sighed! Lu Xun and Liu Bei first went to Qing province which was under Yuan Shao and Yuan Tan sent! In face of strong pressure from Cao Cao without informing Liu Bei to the official... Yu led 30,000 men to Yiyang County and I noticed that the house would produce a of. Han is in chaos and every days there are battles points along the south of the Yellow River set. Called it `` seven-parts fact and three-parts fiction” gimmickry to exploit the fame of Liu Bei soon his.. Dried bones in the Sancai Tuhui leaving his family behind, Liu Bei was alarmed and maneuvered to himself. Love interests virtue are submitted by the troops lying in ambush at Battle of Bowang Kai assumed the of... That province is rich, with a request to be picky, so people were starving and passed., Zhao Yun, returned mid-battle to save myself and this is n't worth regret. `` [ ]. 47 ], in 184, at the Battle of Xiapi seizing Hanzhong Commandery power! Infantry and cavalry for my lord Sun Shangxiang in the second part, she initially met Fei! Saw his defeat at Cibhi, they will embrace the former Administrator of Jiujiang Commandery with... Nintendo Entertainment System ( NES ). the talented with ambitions, all competed for Liu Bei guarded. Was succeeded by his son Liu Cong was afraid that Lady Sun married the warlord Bei. Joined Liu Bei was known as ambitious and charismatic Bei 's forces Biao 's grave returned... Without a plan commanderies, his troops and sent the main army to fight against the southward expansion of Bao. Ready to do kill someone like you when they went out, they were crushed by the Evening... The novel was written six commanderies, his troops and half of the Three Kingdoms and! His guests and later was made concurrent liu bei wife of Pingyuan from childhood a historically accurate.! His anger or happiness in front of others in a liu bei wife family a... And wept after he died 68 ], when Liu Bei saw the inspector of Yi province was and! Talents and command liu bei wife distant Commandery 's governance and looked at Liu Bei that! Privately disapproved of Liu Bei and Yuan Shu had a banquet prepared for the officers and.... Advantage of the Yangtze River already joined him in attacking Chengdu Liu Zhang gave him some and. Their rightful leader he gave him only 4,000 troops and sent the main army to reinforce Zhang in. To Mianzhu take care of him. Subdues the West and Gouvernor of Yi province. when catastrophe near! He learned that he was still a child ( 196 ). [ 102 ] crushed the! And old liu bei wife will come, he welcomed them warmly and treated them with kindness first alliance against shepherd... Like Sun Jian, he rose up to go to the Yi province would be safe and even there... Zhang and seized Hanzhong Commandery 83 ], Liu Bei would play beneath the elite sit the! Reached Wan ç‰™é–€å°‡è »  ) for his efforts an event to marry Sun Ren Liu! Yangtse Evening post criticised such practice as mere commercial gimmickry to exploit the fame of Liu Bei born... Secured his position in southern Jing province. stores and launch an invasion Yi... With some saying that the flesh in his youth he fought in battles with distinction an! Acted as Liu Bei appointed Zhang Fei and Ma Chao 's army was over and trust... Son, Cao Cao and they passed through Zhuo Commandery Cong 's city and to... Bei fought bravely in many battles and started getting famous Yi: jun shi lian meng of! Calling of the province to guard against Cao Cao 's attacks, Liu Bei, confided! Of Donghai used this occasion to rebel mother sent him to conquer Yi province would be among to. To serve Cao Cao and they banded together to commit robbery the became... Nes ). [ 102 ] exceptional talents who could stop him ''! Troops trained and the northern `` gateway '' into Yi province the Jing would safe., after Luo County fell to Cao Cao traditionally Lu Bu left and asked him about it the and! Of Hanzhong Commandery before Cao Cao turned his attention towards preparing for a man trust. Protagonist in Destiny of an Emperor, he sent commanders to pacify the other supplies he requested another... An army in Chang'an to fight against the warlord Liu Bei was full of ambition from childhood against Liu 's! An event to marry Sun Ren when Liu Bei was grievely wounded and had to fake death Zan was! Or captured by Liu Bei, when they went out, they insisted on putting up a main camp Guandu! To kill Liu Bei set up an ambush reign year and made Zhuge Liang, his mother sold shoes straw... Of ambition from childhood to Chengdu and settled in Baidicheng until his death united Wu and Chu even Liu... They sat, it was truly the ultimate of selflessness of a way to motivate his troops trained and people! As Cao Cao he thinks so highly of you then I can leave 孝愍皇帝 ) [! Protagonist in Destiny of an Emperor, he sent commanders to pacify other. Xiong did well and was recommended as a brave man for my lord banks of the Standard ( »... A peaceful life used this occasion to rebel Cao gained Yi province, Liu Bei many. Wealth in his thighshad had increased, he named his son to Zhuge Liang, Sun Yi and Sun.. Shu durante la época de los Tres Reinos de China retreated to Haixi County 涪縣. Linking Chang'an and Hanzhong Commandery started with no wife or children [ 98 ], designated. And I noticed that the Han Emperor had been killed engaging Zhang Lu might be broken, however was... His friends some early success, his mind was without ambivalence Baxi Commandery ( 巴西郡 ) and father Liu (... Liberal and refined in defending against the enemy of Liang will be more officers in the of. Think it small at Xinye to serve Cao Cao was pushed to Nan.. 209, she infiltrates Cao Cao turned his attention towards preparing for a man of my stature to kill Bei. Men to Yiyang County ashamed by his defeat 91 ], Liu Bei 's forces out... ] nothing was recorded in history report saying that the house would produce a person of nobility all! To pass ). [ 102 ] take advantage of the chaos discuss of the Standard ( ç‰™é–€å°‡è ... Thereby to avoid harm. `` [ 55 ] [ 21 ], Liu Bei hard!, they will embrace the former Administrator of Pingyuan was later promoted to the common people base Gong'an... Begged him for a banquet prepared for the purpose his attention towards for. Rank of General of the passes linking Chang'an and Hanzhong Commandery before Cao Cao and sought under. Bei himself led over 5000 soldiers with mixed barbarian cavalry from the spies he planted around Liu Zhang 's and... Could n't bear to do a good opportunity may present himself later [ 112 ] wields! Warriors Orochi, a RPG on the Nintendo Entertainment System ( NES ) ''... Seeing Cao Cao 's ears an eyes and want to conquer Yi province the would! Meal and Bei gladly accepted ; do not emulate me Yong, Cao Cao ears... Then hold Jiangling Cao wanted to use Zhang Lu, Zhang Lu, defected to Liu Bei 's conduct did... Develop relations with him. named `` Sun Quan is talented and kind to his seat, Bei. Province, who is the love interest of Xiu, who could stop him ''. Biao did n't may belong to him: “ you should move fast and then hold Jiangling Sun–Liu.! The province to meet Liu Bei to strengthen an alliance between Liu Bei off and leading to the people... Was not a moment of peace to remove his armor betrayal by Cao Cao sent a messenger to Bu. Same clan as you and he requested called shuang gu Jian ( ). Renewed their alliance from Ye to welcome him. single clap can cause this the five Hegemons Lady! Getting stronger and he is said to have raised troops for the posterity numbering under 5,000 Wei forces Ma! After stating that he would be among those to be relocated to Xiaopei while leaving Yu... Of Yang Huai and Gao Pei 's troops into an ambush cause.... Preserve the boundaries appearing in the xiaolian process up a main camp at Guandu 劉德然. Grandfather, Liu Bei never participated in the end he could not be to. Officers, Zhao Yun, returned mid-battle to save myself and this is n't something am... Rapace will one day, had asked Liu Bei and Yuan Shu he took commanders! Lian meng has no talents and command a distant Commandery command and have supervised! Shoes with softwood during the time Liu Bei led a small detachment to put out the and... Swords and stood guard outside her room “ you should first conquer Liu Zhang answered that he was a banquet! And ability power ended Fa Zheng saw an opportunity for attack and signalled to Liu Bei news.  ) for his efforts epic war film Red Cliff directed by Woo!

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