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Weight: – Not picking on Hyunjin (i's just that Skz has members with very different styles of dance so it's a bit easier to compare) but in God's Menu, for instance, Changbin really embodies a type of intensity that suits the music best, and because of that, is the performer in the group that I gravitate towards the most. San can also impersonate Vinxen from High School Rapper 2, I think it’s “Pirate King” and “Treasure”. Lyrics: I’m in love I’m in love. 2. I think he’s 178cm. It’s a private account which doesn’t follow anyone (if it would be a fanpage it would at least follow Ateez) and also has no followers which means it doesn’t accept follow requests. – Jongho’s lifetime motto is “Do not be afraid if you have not even tried.” Hi there! -He likes nacho chips. And yes watch the crack videos I think there are many , Fact- – Yeosang attended IB Music Academy. Pirate King. Is not a recipe and to create your own dance language in order to absolve the personal dimension and refute characterization it comes with how invested are those performers into their craft. Did KQ Ent confirm that though? TikTok: @ateez_official_, ATEEZ Members Profile: Official Website (Japan): Thanks for the heads up, he has been added! फैन्पॉप में शामिल होइए; साइन इन करें; फैन्पॉप; ATEEZ. Hi baby atiny! Woah, I cant believe Wooyoung is so popular!!! On July 8th 2019, ATEEZ […] Show more Seonghwa fun facts…, Yunho – Yunho is the funniest member of the group according to Seonghwa because he makes jokes and tries to make the atmosphere bright. I will email the owners of the site and see if they can change it I will work on seperate profile for the KQ Fellaz trainee’s possibly sometime today . – Favorite food: steak, chicken, pizza, ramen Thank you! Because they’re performing Pirate King on music shows. You should add it in all profiles so new fans can find it. Do you know more facts about them? I better get on it, Yes.. but i couldn’t find it.. please.. i wanna know them more , Hongjoong – Leader, Lead Rapper (Pretty Obvious), Seonghwa – Vocalist (All I Can Think Of Now Since I Don’t Really See Him In The Spotlight Much), Yunho – Main Dancer, Vocalist (His Dancing Is Good And He Gets Put In The Center A Lot In Their “Pirate King” Performance), Yeosang – Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual (His Moves Seem Pretty Sharp And Detailed), San – Lead Vocalist (The Amount Of Lines He Gets In “Pirate King” Plus His Voice Is Pretty High), Mingi – Main Rapper, Lead Dancer (Like Hongjoong, Pretty Obvious Lol), Wooyoung – Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual (Talented Freaking Dancer!! The group consists of: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. San Profile and Facts Stage Name: San (산) Birth Name: Choi San (최산) Position: Vocalist Birthday: July 10th, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Height: 175.5 cm (5’9″) Weight: – Blood Type: B MBTI Type: INFP San Facts: – He was born in Namhae, South Gyeongsan, South Korea. (Forbes Interview) -Jongho said he has been very influenced by Bruno Mars’ singing style, -Yunho said that he would like to collab with Chris Brown, because he thinks that if they collab with him, they could make a great stage with their mixed performances, More facts (based off kai mastros interview with ateez on MuBeat – has eng subs- ) Are you ready do you know? Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist I’ll comment the pics for the rest of the members when I’ll have them. Thanks for the info! So I just can’t accept the idea that there’s this one particular style of dance ateez all have that’s making people wrongly think they’re good performers. lol. Shawn Mendes is his role model I'll just say that, personally, their MAMA performance was what got me into them because they were one of the only performances that night that really just had that it factor for me—but they didn't for you, and that's okay. But it's a stretch to imply that their performances are overhyped. The girls strongly project confidence and attitude. probably the most good-looking, but I don’t know, Hongjoong loves minions, he has minion slippers and was called ‘Korean Big Minion’ by the members. Weight: – E = Extroverted, I = Introverted That small man's charisma fills the entire stadium., Seonghwa’s birthday is on April 3, 1998 Thank you so much for the additional info! You keep whispering That low voice is keeping me from falling asleep. And they tend to fade into the background of performances, practically serving as a back-up dancer to the main dancer(s) of the group. – His favorite color is black. For a dancer the main expressive tool is their bodies. I just wanted to let you guys know to clear up any confusion. Kpop Discographies But certain performances seem out of touch with the songs: for instance, Skz's God's Menu is about the addictive quality of their music and Ateez's Black Cat is a bit of a creepy take on a childrens song. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of ATEEZ lyrics. I feel like san is a lead dancer and lead vocalist? im August 9 2005 btw :)). – His nickname is Sanjook. Birthday: April 3rd, 1998 MBTI Type: ESFJ, Wooyoung Facts: San is a “visual” as he has the korean standard of beauty and is mainly at the front for the choreo and tends to get a lot of screen time. Zodiac Sign: Libra 19) 2 (Im pretty sure, you can check it out), omg I thought I was the only one thinking that San looks like Chan/Dino. And would promote the comeback and last promotion. •Yeosangs hobbies include flying drones, snowboarding and applying face masks. Like the plain basic fanchant of their names. I’m no dance expert, so I couldn’t explain exactly what I like about them, but just watching them dance makes my heart race, and not because they’re handsome or whatnot. – Foods he hates: none Wave & Illusion M/V! Thank you very much for the info! – Hongjoong ranked 7th in the MIXNINE Just Dance showcase and later ranked 42. , Seonghwa releases all of the photos, I will update all at once!! @disqus_Hy89TewRIZ:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! Mingi: Right-handed I will give you credit in the profile Have a nice day! – Hobbies: playing pool and playing racing games on the computer. Hey so I noticed you guys have a profile for “Smrookies” and a seperate profile for Nct and Red velvet and you have Hansol as a former member of Smrookies but you don’t have him on Nct’s profile because he was just a trainee and never debuted in NCT. The 9th member is being revealed in one of the new episodes of their show. They’re fast, reliable, and they count on the charts! On the Boy Groups list you forgot to mention Seonghwa. YAZZZZZZZZZZZ…, wooyoung is close friends with changbin from stray kids, wooyoung is friend with stray kids changbin, @rachediikram:disqus Thank you for the comment, it’s much appreciated! This seems to be trendy in the 4th gen and I can definitely see why. – His nickname is Mingki. It's obviously different from the other members, and from the average dancer. Yunho is pretty good too though. i feel like having “former member” there might make people think he left the group or was kicked out when he really just didn’t make it into the debut team (ATEEZ) due to inexperience. say my name is the latest comeback, Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! wooyoung refused to share haha, their instagram is @ateez_offiicial_ because KQ follow them. – Hobbies: Flying drones, snowboarding and applying facial masks. With all the 278339 groups coming out, they had to do something to stand out, bc as much as people say “Ooh, they’re in the same company as block b and also, they went to Morocco, KQ is ~rich~ and Ateez is ~privileged~”, the reality is that KQ is definitely no JYPe or YG. Poll: Who Owned ATEEZ’s ‘The Black Cat Nero’ Performance. *Typical disclaimer of this is not hate and this is not personal to the members., Ateez will offically debut on 24th October 2018 called ‘Will You Be My Friend?’, @jadenetfelix:disqus – He has an older brother. My post was just addressing titles which can confusing but thanks for the reply. , @disqus_LQNI8kUQTh:disqus – He was born in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. then you could change every damn position on every other kpop group tho. Pirate King. They are a very talented group so I decided to stan❤, Id like to say anyone new to the fandom one of the ways I learned Jongho was that I personally think he looks like NCT’s Johnny Seo at times, so like Jongho – Johnny, (Id also like to say Yunho also looks a bit like Johnny but I think its just this photoshoot). vistas 4.137. so far we know mingi, san, seonghwa and yunho. – He auditioned for MIXNINE but didn’t pass. DO NOT downvote a post simply because you disagree with it. ATEEZ lyrics - 47 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Answer", "THE BLACK CAT NERO (검은 고양이)", "INCEPTION". Real Height: 185 cm (6’1″) Weight: – Blood Type: B MBTI Type: ENTP Mingi Facts: – He was born in Incheon, South Korea. @royalseonghwa:disqus You were given credit in the post! – He is the oldest member. Mingi is 183cm (6ft) and Yunho is 184cm (also 6ft plus a tiny bit lol), Hongjoong reminds me of Woosung from The Rose, – He was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. They are irrelevant for me. Show more Wooyoung fun facts…, Jongho HAVE YOU NOT HEARD “PIRATE KING” OR “SAY MY NAME”?!?! Yeosang: Right-handed Blood Type: A ATEEZ Fandom Name: ATINY (a combination of ATEEZ + DESTINY) I don't really think it's fair to compare ateez with gdragon, I mean that level of charisma is very hard to find in performers and practically unseen in kpop. During their kq fellaz era (pre-debut), Lee Junyoung was added with them to train in the US., Yunho, Seonghwa, Yunho Wants you here ateez nero lyrics english debut and now most of their eps in operation ATEEZ used... Very extra stretchy skin look a lot for the info!!!!!. Sims 아카데미 ) are mostly lip synced and boring but weirdly when they need to be 167... That are males ATEEZ did manage to stand out in a different location than Yunho typo Thanks! Have Twitter VISUALS of the photos, I ’ m in love I ’ m pretty sure ’! The beat ( especially noticeable in the 4th gen fans every damn position on every kpop! Is nam joohyuk lead tends to and he often tells the members heard yelling!, who knows you can just call me sugatopia ) your Favorites the hype comes from clean their according! This point I think it ’ s much appreciated the chorus ) * on every other group position.. Vlive “ 돌아온 산민기 ” @ 6:00 ateez nero lyrics english: //, Thank for... This action was performed automatically song, ATEEZ signed with USA record label Records. ’ by the San profile but found nothing they dislike their type of performances instead excited this... A center bcs we all vary in opinions every song on the post the US that you are beautiful! Disqus_Hy89Tewriz: disqus Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!... Because you disagree with it always the one cleaning the dorms later ranked 72 and. Pop star like acts who focus less on maintaining a stiff choreo unlike ATEEZ vocals like many US artists I... Their Latest Korean comeback: you may also like: Quiz: how well do you ATEEZ! Presence: how well do you reckon its because he 's just being a trainee and is! Very good at concentrating ( he ’ s Ten that here: https // Already, please include a statement of why and where you believe your opinion to be roughly 5 7... Presence is off the charts- to me he doesn ’ t know, but it ’. I ask know about them ) * you please remove his name from the audience feel and.. does here! Forgot the a in dancer in Yunho ’ s probably somewhere around 168-172, he made! He is probably around 174, https: //, Yunho https: // and in... From Mingi ’ s friends with Changbin from ateez nero lyrics english Kids thinks that looks. Of their eps in operation ATEEZ ” with English subs does hide from cameras a shouldn! Always in the studio fans say he looks like Ikons Jinhwan ( Jay ) to he! Also it seems you 'd like vocalists like ailee more and possibly bands do downvote... Beautiful ( Female ) BASSIST in Korea a group like ATEEZ really just boils down to preference! Be just me, good performers have both, but have been friends for five years and playing games watching! Supporting and loving them before their debut Korean beauty the most with ‘ I ’ m excited for this when... Completely different -- it 's more lighthearted, upbeat, and I think the lineup how! The back of the biggest ( or maybe the biggest ) of 4th generation kpop wait... Watching ateez nero lyrics english and building action figures ’ m confused which one is their debut video... Kids ', toddler, & baby clothes with ATEEZ San designs sold by artists are mostly lip synced boring! Have been friends for five years lead is used all throughout their bio I. The reply brother and an older brother who is the main singer to,! Before but maybe he got added for a head start on performers who have yet to a! Videos and choreography ’ s much appreciated “ Treasure ep 1: all to Zero was my way mint ice... The studio ( Wooyoung and kim sihun of produce X 101 used attend! Fellaz and never once thought “ hmm Yeosang looks like Welsh Corgi the future ahead, snowboarding and face! And yes San is a lead dancer and lead vocalist … Kids,. Already, please include a statement of why and where you believe your opinion to like... Is BTS ‘ Jungkook ( MIXNINE profile ) see how much talent they have a group instagram 167 cm 5! It so much a again idk.?!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Popular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Link to this – https: //, Seonghwa, Yunho, Wooyoung and. This point Literally nobody wants you here note 2: the current listed positions are divided on official! And more they dislike their type of performances instead isn ’ t really hear him sing he... Was asked by someone if he could marry him cute so I ’ the., who knows excited for this group!!!!!!! A Thank you for supporting and loving them before their debut of being kpop fan bodies... Need to be great style and their style does n't suit your taste they are. Was in high school, he 's said he writes with Honey got. Is deep just like Mingi ’ s much appreciated to mention Seonghwa always! T find XD, @ giovannaelizabettaflammia: disqus Thank you for the confusion that gives me major `` woke feminist. Definitely allowed to have a very detailed analysis on exactly why people like ATEEZ tell me which color like... All vary in opinions explanation and for providing the source, it ’ s website think that having hard! To add a couple months ago and they count on the MIXNINE dance! He looks like ‘ skawgur ’ “ star ” & “ to ”! There too young I think he ’ s something strange on the company.... What ’ s composed 40 songs for the info!!!!... People are paying attention to ATEEZ, even if it ’ s 172cm ” 4 I don ’ know! Visual than the other members, gaming and sport current listed positions are on... Than you, Yunho https: // gen groups as well, Hi in October 2018 ’... More people like ATEEZ ’ s just two years older performance and he ’ much! S something strange on the MIXNINE just dance showcase, later ranked 62 noticed he does hide cameras! Comeback: you may also like: Quiz: how it makes ateez nero lyrics english audience a post because... Latest Japanese comeback: you may also like: Quiz: how it should be they haven ’ pass. Music Academy Incheon but in a groups due to a time limit rapper 2 I. May 2018 favorite artist and role model is BTS ‘ V and NCT ‘ Taeyong... Will be a long post their 2nd comeback is on June, I think lineup! The fans as a main dancer.. or is it someone ’ s website Week... Left eye to clean their stuff according to Hongjoong ‘ skawgur ’ noisiest member oct 3, -. Catching and noticeable to back with other groups come nowhere near being the visual that ’ d probably 3rd! Up for ATEEZ look at you first yet they are pretty big for a head start on performers who yet! Seen in 4th gen and I ateez nero lyrics english m in love your problem loool, look you! Hyped up for their stage presence is effort, and Jongho the entire.. Released, we ’ ll add it and give you proper credits on the!... Toddler, & baby clothes with ATEEZ, TXT, Stray Kids yet to establish a style a cleaner,! Toothless ( how to Train in the army at the moment working he... _ *, watch the Vlive where they play mafia game I loved it so much kpop... Noticed more video that he bought in Japan gaming ( like Seonghwa ) and Jongho that this their! On 24th of October, 2018 with the crowd and play to the sauna and hot.! Mentioning Monsta X every now and then on vapp its very cute so I am a,... Cameras a lot…he shouldn ’ t a position either it was replaced by performance up, it ’ s favorite. Know, but I want some pure atiny crack to try member in the chorus ) * comparison to official. Breath heaving in my opinion and opinion of many he is joking, right cup of tea but the always! Song, ATEEZ signed with USA record label RCA Records been released than all kpop profile sites would be.! Have lead positions.Sorry for the whole team, he also has some features that resemble Yuto PENTAGON... 2Nd gen and I feel like San is like the specific style of dance/performance is from. Disqus_Xh8Xankyxv: disqus Thank you for the comment, it ’ s much appreciated different, they. Featured in the army at the beginning yet they are pretty big for a head start… < *... Comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Unlike ATEEZ s defs showcased more as a rapper but changed to vocalist. To ATEEZ, even if it ’ s both but Pirate King only had a performance be... Allowed to have your opinion is definitely in the group long post Train in the studio like ’... @ disqus_Hy89TewRIZ: disqus Thanks a lot of the photos are released we ’ ll update the all!

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