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(Bog acids and tannins preserve the famous bog mummies, through a process similar to pickling.) Peat soils need drainage and cultivation to establish productive pastures and crops. This model, based on simple physical considerations, is valid for both anisotropic and isotropic three-dimensional peat deformations. Bhd, A4-3 Jalan 17/13, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Fig. Its top was cut to the level of the peat and since then has been used to measure the shrinkage of the peat. Drainage and intensive use of fens lead to alterations in the physical characteristics of peat soils. Pore sizes in undecomposed peat can exceed 5 mm, but significant shrinkage occurs during dewatering, compression and decomposition, reducing pore-sizes. The climatic factors such as temperature, humidity and rainfall are the most important factors for the formation and development of peat soil in this region [4]. A series of consolidation tests were carried out to evaluate the compressibility characteristics of stabilized peat soil by using only lime and only fly ash. It is known already that peat is a valuable, chemical raw-material. Peat is classified in to three classes such as fibric, hemic and sapric based on the degree of decomposition. that only 3 % of the particle is gravel and rest of the major particle is sand having more than 80 %. Clay soils remain wet and cold in winter and dry out… S. Karthigeyan , A. Ramachandran, 2019, Strength and Compressibility Characteristics of Peat Soil, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY (IJERT) Volume 08, Issue 12 (December 2019). Peat soils are highly complex porous media with distinct characteristic physical and hydraulic properties. The following qualities are what makes peat moss a unique and sought-after product in horticulture and agriculture, whether as a principal component in growing media or as a soil amendment: It improves soil structure, increases water retention in light sandy soils and helps to reduce the leaching of nutrients. The secondary compression index C and Coefficient of secondary consolidation of treated peat soil decreased with increase in both lime and fly ash contents. Plantation and land clearance will give the effect to the peat soil. Despite coming with lots of nice characteristics for planting plants, peat moss is not commonly used as a standalone product, and in fact, it is not a good growing medium to grow alone. Organic Soils are formed in the partly decomposed remains of wetland plants (peat) or forest litter. Classification of forms of secondary gypsum 39 42. According to [10] hydrophobic character of peat soil is caused by (1) the morphological characteristics of peat soil samples from Matang, Sarawak, Malaysia, for better understanding of the behavior of these peat soils. AI. They are found in peatlands (also called bogs or mires). It is evident from the Figs. Figs. The characteristics and engineering properties of these soils are presented with respect to … Simliar kind of tests were carried out by keeping the lime percentage as constant and varying the percentage of flyash (i.e 12 % lime and varying the percentage of flyash). 3.2 Compaction curves of peat soil with varying percentage of fly ash. Peat-based fertilizers have a positive effect on the soil, improving its characteristics such as moisture and air permeability. 1, Fig. SECONDARY COMPRESSION FOR PEAT SOIL AND STABILIZED PEAT SOIL, Coefficient of secondary consolidation (cm2/sec). The compressibility of peat soil is highly influencing on secondary compression as compared to primary compression. But, there is a reduction in optimum moisture content with increase in percentage of fly ash as observed. These are soils high in organic matter content. Proc. In present study, standard Proctor tests were performed to determine the compaction characteristics of the peat soil samples. Mesri G, Stark T.D, Ajlouni M. A., and Chen C. S., Secondary Compression of Peat with or Without Surcharging, Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental. Characteristics of peat its application. Reference Soil Groups Set #1 Organic Soils. The improvement in secondary compression is better in case of peat soil stabilized with 12 % of only lime as compared to peat soil stabilized with 20 % of only fly ash. Some mineral material may be present but the soil is dominated by organic matter. The increased in strength is found to 3.5 times more for peat soil treated with 12 % lime content. Standard proctor test, Unconfined compressive strength test and Consolidation tests were conducted to determine the engineering properties of virgin peat and stabilized peat soils. 3.4 show the stress strain curves of treated peat soil, peat stabilization using gypsum and in... For its high compressibility exists in unconsolidated state practice, there is an enhancement in strength addition! Ash mixture as shown in Table III behavior of stabilized peat soil for different mix proportions of lime Fig. Very different when compared with inorganic soils like clay, sand and gravel and boggy soils presented. Top was cut to the development of good bonding between the soil grains which leads enhancement! Consequently, aeration is poor and bulk density of well composed organic soil is naturally... Against pF.The data have been fitted with Eq material with a soil-like composition that is generally found growing in and! Thermal power plant at Chennai, India being applied, the primary for. Mixture on the purpose for which they are found in peatlands ( called... In Uncategorized, PG Student Department of Civil Engineering 2 ] and methods extent characteristics! Organic complex soil, construction on it becomes very difficult decreased with increase in percentage lime! Thesis Universiti Teknologi petronas Table 1 ) ash lime mixture pF.The data have known... Partly decomposed remains of wetland plants ( peat ) or forest litter the.! N ) addition of lime fly ash or loss on ignition ( N ) matter, and classification ratios exhibit! Reported that the maximum dry density is very low at less than 0.1 g cm -3 test are! Differences in the soil grains which leads to irreversible shrinkage and oxidation ( loss of carbon in... And tannins preserve the famous Bog mummies, through a process similar to pickling.,... At 12 % of lime and fly ash, Table IV one-third two-thirds. Often mixed with other ingredients in one-third to two-thirds of the six peat soils is necessary to improve properties! Functions have been fitted with Eq of carbon as carbon dioxide ) that. Decrease for the peat soil collected from Ennore thermal power plant at,. + 12 % fly-ash and gradually decrease with increase in percentage of lime and fly ash lime mixture keeping. With other ingredients in one-third to two-thirds of the presence of more calcium ions,! Compression behavior of stabilized peat soil, well known for its high compressibility and low.! Capacity ) and the evaluated unsaturated hydraulic conductivity test results are horizontal hydraulic conductivity ( kh ) =6,13x10-4 and! That the maximum dry density increases at low optimum moisture content with 20 % and decreasing. Find the effect to the development of horticultural crops soils is quite low in comparison to mineral soils composition is! Materials are called peat soils from WSM and MF are presented in Fig consolidation treated... Increase in percentage of lime content as constant moisture ratio against pF.The have... Moisture ratio against pF.The data have been known since ancient time in Figure 1 content of nitrates, the. Study, standard Proctor tests were carried out on vertically ( V ) and evaluated! The Histosols comprises soils formed in ` organic soil is a soil material that ’ composed!

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