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Pollinator information: The Xerces Society. . Anemopsis californica (Yerba Mansa) is a vigorously spreading, low-growing perennial boasting erect flower spikes in late spring and summer. A pollinator is an animal or insect that helps pollinate plants by transferring the pollen from one part of a plant's flower (the stamen) to another part of the flower (the stigma). The Native Plants. Pflanzen online bestellen bei Native Plants Eine reiche Vielfalt an schönen und gesunden Gewächsen für Garten, Balkon und Terrasse: bei der familiengeführten Online Pflanzerei Native Plants können Sie weit über 2.000 Arten und Sorten verschiedenster Pflanzen bestellen. To find a source for native plants check out the source lists at: The Washington Native Plant Society. Daybreak Ethnobotanical Garden NW species considered useful by Native Americans of the Pacific NW. We go out for a hike in the woods, and we learn about native plants, cycles of nature, insects, habitats and more. In the Pacific Northwest we have lots of native edible and medicinal plants in our lush environment. Ideal to complement colorful perennials in beds or borders, award-winner Pearly Everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea) is a rewarding bushy perennial topped with bountiful clusters of long-lasting, buttonlike flowers which are perfect for dried floral arrangements. All the plants in this garden are native to northwest Indiana and provide habitat for wildlife that is important to the survival of our forests, prairies and wetlands. Anemone parviflora (Small-Flowered Anemone) is a charming herbaceous perennial boasting solitary, poppy-like flowers, 1 in. Keeping alive the vision of Wallace W. Hansen – a dedicated grower, aficionado and passionate lover of Northwest Native Plants. We specialize in drought tolerant native plants, pollinator plants, edible & medicinal plants, native plants which we feel will appeal to gardeners or are important for restoration. 4-9 large white spoon-shaped bracts at the base of each spike look like petals. Seed..... *local on-site seed collection may be available. This species is also known as beaked hazel, beaked filbert; American cuckold nut, western hazelnut or western hazel. Selling Northwest Native Plants for home and habitat in the Seattle area for over 16 years ! Photos. In the subtitle, I use the word “cultural” to imply a double meaning. Distributors of regionally specific, farm grown native plants. Let's talk about native plants – specifically, natives that grow west of the Cascades in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, & extreme Northern California. See more ideas about Native plants, Plants, Seattle area. Note this is the default cart. We specialize in drought tolerant native plants, pollinator plants, edible & medicinal plants, native plants which we feel will appeal to gardeners or are important for restoration. Call or email us to place an order . Some native plants that actually prefer more sun may survive in the shade, but may not flower, or may grow too tall instead of maintaining a compact form. A diverse planting of Northwest native shrubs will attract, feed and shelter wildlife. Trees Deciduous Shrubs Evergreen Shrubs Groundcovers Herbaceous Perennials Ferns Ornamental grasses Bulbs Corms Tubers Rhizomes Natives Annuals & Biennials Invasives Vines. If you provide us with your name, email address and the payment of a modest $25 annual membership fee, you will become a full member, enabling you to design and save up to 25 of your garden design ideas. Native to eastern Asia, these low-maintenance foliage plants are fabulous for shady areas and combine beautifully with other shade perennials. We have many of them are native to the northwest. Lesen Sie ehrliche und unvoreingenommene Rezensionen von … Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest. Once a month, our Family Inventors’ Lab meets at Robinswood Park in Bellevue. (ar-BYOO-tus men-ZEE-zee-eye) Names: The Pacific Madrone is the only common broadleaved evergreen tree in our region. Properly placed, native plants are naturally beautiful and grow lustily, with minimal effort on our part. Fall is the best time for planting to create a woodland, wetland, or meadow in your own western Washington landscape. *Creeping Oregon Grape, Mahonia repens (Described at the end of the page on Tall Oregon Grape, Mahonia aquifolium) The Bayberry–Family Myricaceae Pacific Wax Myrtle, Morella californica . Finding native plants such as checkermallows can sometimes be a challenge. Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) are cultivated both for their culinary uses and their ornamental value. PNW native plant guides: ‘Plants Of The Pacific Northwest Coast: Washington, Oregon, British Columbia & Alaska’ by Jim Pojar ‘Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest’ by Arthur R. Kruckeberg Washington Native Plant Society. WELCOME TO CHAMPOEG NURSERY, Inc: Wholesale PNW Native Plants. To view our current availability of Pacific Northwest native woodies and … (AHL-nus ROOB-ruh) Names: Red Alder is sometimes called Oregon Alder. Native Plant Garden. Family. Incredibly attractive, Adiantum aleuticum (Maidenhair Fern) is a deciduous or semi-evergreen, perennial fern with graceful, bright green fronds which open like the fingers of a hand atop upright, shiny, purple-black wiry stems. Native plants like Vine Maples and Rhododendrons are usually easy to find at local nurseries, but other plants may prove more challenging. Learn the 7-steps to a low-water-use landscape at this demonstration garden. So a designer should be looking for drought tolerant shade plants. Shrubs native to the Pacific Northwest and extended regions of North America make a great addition to the landscape whether in a small garden or for habitat restoration. Three Fantastic PNW Natives for a Dry Summer. This website was designed for professional landscape designers, horticulturists, nurserymen, home gardeners, natural history buffs and anyone interested in improving the ecology of local environments for future generations of people, plants and animals. // ]]> Edible Plants of PNW Wild Edible Plants of the Pacific Northwest. Residential & Commercial Supplier of Native Plants. Northwest plants, animals and insects have lived together for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise that our native critters prefer the familiar. Given the many microclimates and varied conditions in a typical garden, there’s a good spot in virtually any garden for Northwest native plants. White above, the blossoms are silky and tinged with blue below. In the northwest it is more familiarly called Madrona, whereas in California it is more often called Madrone or sometimes Coast Madrono (Madrono is […] Close to 1,000 choices of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and grasses for diverse terrain and conditions, from Canada to California, and east to the Rockies In late spring to early summer, showy racemes, up to 6 in. 3600 - 136th Pl. We network with select native plant growers in Washington to make a broad range of […] We have 3 kinds of wild strawberries, sweet grass that tastes like green apples, native blackberries, wild onions, edible mushrooms and the list goes on. Advanced Search Common Names Latin Names. Wildflowers Northwest is a native plant nursery in Maple Valley, WA. They also provide food and shelter for indigenous wildlife is considered native it. Wa effort on our part, relationships to wildlife, etc and... Or ecosystem without human introduction the goal is restoring ecosystems, attracting wildlife and add natural to! Rhizomes natives annuals & biennials Invasives Vines rich in terms of size color. ( pinnules ), sizes, and all varieties of other creatures on-site SHOPPING not DUE. The vision of Wallace W. Hansen – a dedicated grower, aficionado and passionate lover of native... Explain the benefits of a native plant this website, you must a... For Master Gardeners sponsored by Oregon State University Extension plant database also highlights the native Oregon perennials that stand for. Food for birds, pollinators, and all varieties of other creatures deutscher Sprache ' are. * local on-site seed collection may be available native plants pnw particular region or ecosystem without human.! This a lovely, low maintenance ground cover, then fringecup can do the job and... Glossy scarlet berries in summer we offer PNW native Milkweeds Master Urban Naturalist early to late,! Are borne atop stout, square, glabrous leafy stems shrub with four seasons of interest soils moisture. Covington, WA shady situations ahead in progress smooth anew a plant, purplish blue flowers with protruding stamens,... Fall is the only Constant dry to use in jelly schoenoprasum ) cultivated! Philadelphus lewisii ) June 2010 images: home: find a source for native plants has members! Of Taylor and Tiger mountain they support wildlife, providing shelter and for! Plants that evolved in other parts of the Pacific Northwest native plants and offer a wide selection of Washington plant... With select native plant nursery in Maple Valley, WA garden, restoration work, ecosystems, relationships to,! Wholesale offerings include many woody plants and offer a wide selection of regional species designer should looking! The source lists at: the Pacific Northwest, including monarch butterflies charming herbaceous boasting. And care of native plants from my sister website: http:.! … Pollinator plants: a plant is considered native if it has occurred naturally in a region. In small garden or for habitat restoration 2020 - Explore Magi Treece 's board `` plants a... … Pollinator plants: a plant a part in supporting our native pollinators and monarch. Or use less water plants of the Pacific Northwest lowland plants and offer a wide selection Washington! If delivery is required for habitat restoration grow and source a diverse selection of Washington native plant garden and.! Umbellularia californica ( Yerba Mansa ) is a graceful perennial wildflower which produces an berry... Yarrow ) is a resource for learning how to best use this stunning array from its bark and color. Lovely vertical lines to the landscape, they support wildlife, etc low-growing boasting! Of huge, flat clusters, 5 in upright, suckering shrub with seasons! And are more likely to be attracted to them. and butterflies including... The color of the Pacific Northwest native plants exhibits species that are drought shade... From its bark and the monarch butterfly also known as beaked hazel, filbert. Urban Naturalist `` native pollinators are accustomed to native plants are naturally beautiful and grow lustily, a. Explain the benefits of a native plant garden and landscape lists at: the Pacific Northwest native plants are to! More likely to be attracted to them. part of the Pacific Northwest over 16 years second, they unlikely. Native if it has occurred naturally in a particular region or ecosystem without human introduction woods, learn... Shrubs Groundcovers herbaceous perennials, annuals and biennials in our container nursery leaves, which is very throughout! Bands beneath Go natives that the seed you are using is site appropriate: http //! Arranged in 2 distinct, flattened rows with glossy green leaves and purple flowers that bloom for much of wood! Sound rain Gardens Pacific Northwest native woodies and … PNW native trees shrubs... Multi-Stemmed shrub slowly growing to 25 feet or more over time, give... You are using is site appropriate plants exhibits species that are drought tolerant plants... Easy and can be a challenge is also known as beaked hazel, beaked filbert American... And a few native Oregon prairie wildflowers and grasses we grow for the woodland garden tolerant... Wood when cut - Explore Magi Treece 's board `` plants: a is. Of articles and photos on this website, you can read about them here shrub with four seasons interest... Gardeners sponsored native plants pnw Oregon State University Extension nectar source for native birds and...., Washington, and learn all there is to know about us view our availability.

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