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And if it helps, it has over 1000 reviews on Amazon. You can get this anywhere in Singapore, even from HDB void deck vending machines. It’s affordable, accessible, and. Flavour-wise, it has flirty floral notes that could’ve made this milk tea great, but this was let down by the milk used, which lacked the creaminess of high-quality milk. Its saving grace, though, may just be its ubiquity. Lipton Japan partners Japanese beverage heavyweight Suntory to make this adorably petite bottle of milk tea, which has Hokkaido’s famously creamy milk added to it. Many a times we had a craving for milk tea and settled on a bottle of this, just ’cos it’s so accessible and cheap.Available at major supermarkets, 7-Eleven, Cheers, Pokka vending machines and Redmart. Pure Leaf is best known for their widely available bottled iced teas, but they also make tea products that allow you to brew at home. Packet or bottled milk tea may lack the bells and whistles of bubble tea — no toppings, few fancy flavours and, no, you can’t customise the sugar level for this. If anything, the price is indicates the premium and high quality reputation of, Using full leaves to create their tea blends, you’ll experience a very complete and full-bodied flavor profile, From the subtle bitterness when you first drink it. Dilmah tea brand consists of teas such as peppermint leaves, earl grey, premium leaf tea, tea bags, Moroccan mint tea, and caramel flavored tea which are all popular teas amongst tea lovers. It offers a range of drinks including milk tea, fruit tea, yogurt drinks, coffee, and more. This one in particular is the English Breakfast tea blend from VAHDAM. I'm aware that I can improve my tea making skills/method, but I just wanted your … *Being a part of the Amazon Associates Program, Talk Boba may or may not receive support from the audience clicking the links listed on our site. Avoid it, like bad perfume.Available at Redmart. Located in the valley traced by the mighty Brahmaputra River, the Indian state of Assam is a lush tropical land with ideal conditions for the cultivation of tea. Essentially, it’s brewed black tea (usually Ceylon leaves, or a blend, including varieties like Assam) with milk added to it. us). Talk Boba is the largest and most engaged boba community. It’s just evaporated dried milk and is usually processed in a way that none of its nutrients are lost. as smooth but the taste is more noticeable without any excess acidity or overwhelming bitterness. Add this into your tea combination for boba or milk tea and you’ll never look back! They do a great job with their tea blends and of course, this article only highlights the best black tea for milk tea. It’s also prepared differently; unlike regular milk tea, where the milk is added after brewing the tea, royal milk tea is made by boiling what we suspect are higher-grade tea leaves, water and milk together in the same pot.After guzzling on 15 brands of milk tea at one go, here’s what we realised: our usual go-to cheap and cheerful picks turn out to not be as, er, drinkable as we think in the presence of stronger competitors. Tea is the state drink of Assam and today, India is the second largest producer of tea in the world with list of renowned tea estate and brands that grow exclusively in India such as Assam, Nilgiri and Darjeeling. Available at Redmart and Qoo10. Fanale Drinks. It’s also a fantastic choice for iced tea. Then we sipped ’em and ranked ’em. But, don’t shy away from that. It’s definitely one of black tea blends that will. ​​​​​​​. Now, more than 20 years later, the franchise boasts over 3500 stores worldwide. Contrary to its ‘teh tarik’ product name, this milk tea does not contain any condensed milk like traditional teh tarik; only skimmed milk powder and non-dairy creamer (an artificial additive used as a milk substitute). No not exactly. Because even bottled brews should be worth the calories. The unique environment and tea process brings out robust flavors and texture. If you didn’t know, Assam tea is popularly used in Taiwanese milk teas (Thai iced tea). We’ll suggest the best black tea (loose leaf) for you to try at home while you make boba. Alas, it’s also sadly siap (tannic). It doesn’t overpower anything that you’re snacking on, it. Despite its cheap price tag, it’s reasonably full-bodied and milky. Just please, whatever you do, don’t get us started on the rogue addition of soy or almond milk. There are hundreds of different popular tea brands and it can be easy to get caught up in the torrent of options. Its chio, sturdy geometric bottle makes us want to recycle this as our water bottle. We’re also fond of the milk tea, which is delicately floral with a good balance of milkiness and tea aroma. Now that we are thoughtfully swirling it in our mouths for this taste test, we detect a heavy rose scent in it. that this one is a bit bolder and stronger. It’s less concentrated than the HK milk teas (see #5 and #7), but still quite shiok nonetheless. Also, this milk tea still trails far behind our top three picks (see below).Available at Don Don Donki, Meidi-Ya supermarket, 2Wo outlets, Zairyo and Redmart. You’ll be able to find info for what types of black teas used in boba or milk tea, the best black tea blends, the best black tea brands and more. Why the Taste of Different Black Teas Matter. Continue below and you’ll find our go-to list for the best loose leaf black tea for milk tea below. All rights reserved. Best Non Dairy Milk for Tea Best Non Dairy Milk Alternative for Tea. My guess is that the best boba teas would have to be strongly flavored to stand up to the milk and sugar, which would mask the more nuanced flavors. Local kopitiam chain Wang has been in biz since the ’50s, and has 10 outlets islandwide. The tea is an orangish hue. Here’s another favorite Assam loose leaf black tea blend perfect for a cup of milk tea or bubble tea. More than likely a boba shop you’ve tried before has used Lipton loose leaf black tea. ... One sugar or two? Be sure to try it out if you’re curious! Most loose leaf black tea should be steeped for between 3 to 5 minutes for the perfect cup. In addition to QQ milk tea with such toppings as pearls and jelly, you can try delicious juices such as sweet and sour Q passion blast with passion fruit tea (with seeds) and extra toppings, including pearls, coconut jelly, etc. They teamed up with Pokka to offer their milk tea in a rather rustic looking can. You’ll realize why this is one of the best black teas for milk tea. The bright yellow bottle features a garish graphic of the Hong Kong skyline reflected in a cup of milk tea. Generally speaking, Ceylon black tea is bold enough to handle the addition of nut milk, lemon, or honey. Pity, since the milk tea itself is rather lovely and concentrated.Available at selected 7-Eleven outlets and It comes in a plastic sippy packet, and you can drink the milk tea directly from the screw cap sprout at the top. Their best-selling Pearl Milk Tea (P95/regular, P105/large), while perhaps not as memorable as what you could have at other chains, will satisfy any milk-tea hankerings you might have, with chewy pearls and a drink that leans more towards the sweet side. Vahdam is an awesome company that sources tea leaves directly from plantations and follows fair trade practices, meaning that with each cup you’re supporting farmers and getting some of the highest-quality tea around. Sponsor this article. Then we love sharing. The 9 different black tea brands we mentioned above are all great for your next bubble tea at home. Thanks for reading and finding out some of our favorite black tea, share it with your friends! Available at selected FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Online and 7-Eleven. Darjeeling Spring is also ideal for iced tea, hot plain tea, or milk tea. But we’re not a fan of the tannic aftertaste, which seems to be generally characteristic of the packaged HK-style nai cha we’ve tried for this story.Available at major supermarkets, 7-Eleven, Cheers and Unfortunately, this gives the drink a disconcertingly earthy taste, and we couldn’t detect much of the aroma of milk and tea. If you have any interest in contributing for us fill out the form below. Plus, with their multiple branches around the Metro and a delivery option, you can have your fix any time you want. , this one is unique as it has a slight floral hint to it. There are many brands out there that offer milk tea, from Japanese F&B giants like Pokka and Kirin, to smaller Taiwanese player Bifido (which produces the popular Chun Cui He line of milk tea and coffee), to Hong Kong beverage company Vitasoy’s Hong Kong-style nai cha. This handcrafted tea tastes best without milk and sugar. Here’s a myth-buster: Milk powder is really not as bad as people make it out to be. MILK TEA, $1.30 for 600ml This Taiwanese bottle of milk tea is made for drinking rather than Instagramming: its bright blue packaging with a rustic graphic of a field with bales of barley is rather tacky. Beautiful aromatics and overall flavor profile. back to menu ↑ In Northern Europe, it’s as low as 10%. Another VAHDAM black tea brand blend? And you’re wondering what type of tea is used? It boasts 10,000+ reviews averaging out to be ⅘ stars on Amazon . We'd rather get a fresh cuppa at a Wang cafe for 80 cents more.Available at selected FairPrice supermarkets and Wang Cafe outlets. . Generally speaking, Darjeeling teas taste delicate, fruity, floral, and light, and are best served without any milk or sugar added. It’s no shocker that this English breakfast tea blend from Wellness Naturals is a bit hit. My non sugar taking tea drinkers however, proved to be a far tougher crowd. The refreshing and invigorating flavour makes English Breakfast one of the most popular black teas to drink at any time or occasion, not just for breakfast. This blend offers a strong and aromatic black tea flavor like no other. Best Teas . Our first impression: it’s so sweet, only people who order 100% sugar for their bubble tea can tahan this. This Assam black tea blend from Positively Tea is highly rated. We’re not sure if Macho Logo Man would approve of its ultra-sweet contents, though, which is overwhelming even for us sweet-toothed folks. Black tea, green tea, herbal tea — we drink it all. Cozy up with a cup of these amazingly tasty teas. Specifically, I wanted to know what the best luxury tea brands are. great tasting. TEH TARIK ICED MILK TEA, $1.60 for 200ml Oddly enough, this teh tarik-style Ceylon milk tea is manufactured by local eco-friendly plastics (plastic products made from recycled plastic) company L’Earth, which also produces a range of beverage products. is the number 1 selling tea brand too, how incredible is that? 22 Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Drinks, Ranked From Worst To Best, Lan Fong Yuen's Famed Hong Kong Milk Tea Now Sold At 7-Eleven Singapore & FairPrice Supermarkets, It Takes Six People To Make Tiger Sugar's Brown Sugar Bubble Milk. went on a supermarket spree and bought 15 brands of packaged milk tea, both from brick and mortar stores and online. We always want to continue the conversation around bubble tea. COMEBUY TEA. It’s like drinking a good, robust cup of Lipton’s proprietary blend of brewed black tea leaves with a generous splash of milk, and the sweetness level is just right. Whiteness / Wikimedia Commons/ CC BY-SA 4.0. Tata Tea. Our favorite black tea brand out of this whole list has to be, The malty and premium taste carries through even after the extra ingredients. The tea flavor isn’t as strong compared to the other blends above. In fact, it’s a bit sweeter and lighter than what we have been mentioning above. The Keemun gives it a deep rich flavor that goes nicely with the addition of milk making it a superb morning tea. ​​​​​​​. A little bit on the pricier side of things when it comes to black tea brands. For many, this tea is by far one of the more smooth tasting black teas around. The drink is bitter, extremely tannic, oddly plasticky and nothing like what teh tarik should be. We’ve found that brewing this Assam tea blend for 3-4 minutes creates a consistent taste, anything after 5 minutes seems to be a bit too much, is an English breakfast blend perfected over the course of 160+ years. Having citrus notes (what normal English breakfast tea blends have) and the floral notes, you get a more unique tasting experience. Having unsuccessfully converted them with the coconut or almond milks, I intrepidly served up cashew milk in the third cup of English Strong Breakfast bracing myself for more peals of 'too sweet'.. Suggested reading: Top 10 Juice Brands Dominating the Global Juice Market in 2019. Let’s just say it was quite the journey for us. It’s like Indonesian sweet tea Teh Botol, except with a fragrant floral whiff of, oddly enough, jasmine. Categories. The tea features a malty but rich flavor that can be amplified with the addition of sugar and milk. Boss is Suntory’s dramatically-named line of caffeinated beverages, which includes this bottled milk tea. We’re here to just talk about boba, duh! With over 300+ positive reviews, you can bet that you’ll taste some great tea with their product. Of course, it is important to remember that tea steeping times are quite important for the best tasting tea. At almost $3 for just 280ml, this is one of the more expensive milk teas on the market. This Matcha powder from Pure Leaf is a great option for cost-conscious consumers who also want a high-quality product. So if you’re looking for something that you can’t quite mess up, have a go with Lipton tea. It’s unpleasantly cloying, like the tea was brewed with dusty potpourri. Comebuy is also a milk tea brand that is extremely popular in Taiwan. 8. Mere seeing a shop with this name, you instantly know it offers many different boba flavors and collections. Packaging-wise, this product is nothing much to shout about. A British brand tea and owned by Unilever, Lipton tea is one of the most well-known brand of tea in the world. Taste-wise, it really is pretty gao, velvety and intense with a pronounced tea fragrance. Hole-In-The-Wall Neil Road Hawker Stall Sells Abalone Laksa For $10, Redmart Now Sells Street Fighter Pocky Box Set With Collectible Cards, Old Chang Kee Launching Eurasian-Inspired Devil’s Curry’O Puff For Boxing Day. Lychee is a very delicious and sweet fruit native to Asia. And it is, Plus, many boba cafes will actually use Lipton tea for their tea bases. America’s favorite tea company, Lipton Tea. The vapour is then left to condense in a container, which creates the transparent, yet flavoured, tea. Even before it landed on our shores, we've bought this in Taiwan simply for its cute, durable bottle that doubles up as a good-quality water bottle (recycling is good, mmkay). 02 of 10. HONG KONG-STYLE MILK TEA, $1.45 for 450ml, Hong Kong beverage company Vitasoy has been around since 1940, and its products are stocked in virtually every convenience store and supermarket in Hong Kong. Guys, I've tried Society and Tata Gold. they also have loose leaf black tea. It boasts 10,000+ reviews averaging out to be ⅘ stars on. Image by: top bubble tea brands in taiwan blog. We only make money if you purchase a product … Image credit: best bubble tea in … Dilmah tea brand is renowned for quality teas that come in an impressive array of blends and flavors to suit different palates. It actually compliments them very well! Try our, Did we mention this is our favorite black tea of the entire list? We’d plop a few ice cubes in this to tame the sugariness and knock this back like a boss.Available at Meidi-Ya supermarket. This Assam black tea blend from Mana Organics is. So it makes sense for them to offer the city’s ‘signature’ drink — HK-style nai cha. Or you just had a delicious cup of Thai milk tea at your favorite local boba shop. Lipton’s every drop that we take is from the best tea leaves. is the most familiar tasting black tea. A single purchase of this tea provides you with 160 teabags of high-quality black tea, which is simple to brew and even better to enjoy. By clicking Sign Up, I consent to Terms & Conditions. The English Breakfast black tea blend is traditionally made with a quality China Keemun from the Anhui province. It doesn’t feel like a complete trip otherwise,” our colleague tells us. However, being packaged, they can be stowed for an extended period in your fridge and your bag for a quick swig on the go, and you can easily buy them from most supermarkets and convenience stores for under $2 a pop.There are many brands out there that offer milk tea, from Japanese F&B giants like Pokka and Kirin, to smaller Taiwanese player Bifido (which produces the popular Chun Cui He line of milk tea and coffee), to Hong Kong beverage company Vitasoy’s Hong Kong-style nai cha.With so many options, which one is truly worth stocking up on? It's no secret that we're huge tea fanatics over here at It’s also sweeter than your average milk tea, so consider yourself warned if you don’t have a sweet tooth. Like the macho man smoking a pipe on its logo, Boss’ plastic bottle is square, stout and masculine. Meh.Available at major supermarkets, 7-Eleven, Cheers and Redmart. Tea serving has many variations which depend on the regional and cultural segmentation.Most of the Indian drink the Milk tea.If we go to North India then they sip Masala Chai and kadak Chai.This kadak word means its very strongly brewed and little bit bitter than other.Another form of serving is “Malai Mar ke Chai” means the full fat of the cream spooned into the cup of the tea. Changing things up sometimes is not a bad thing. Davidson’s Assam Banaspaty black tea blend might take the throne for the best black tea for milk tea. Our Tea-Obsessed Food and Drink Editor Swears by These Best Teas. Japanese beverage giant Kirin’s milk tea is as ubiquitous in its native Japan as Pokka milk tea is in Singapore. Millions of Milk Tea is one of the top milk tea brands in the world, and the reason for this is not far fetched. In general, bold, astringent black teas (or red teas, as they are known in China and Taiwan) will be your best bets for adding milk and sugar. This includes many single-origin teas from India (with the exception of Darjeeling ), Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), Indonesia, and parts of Africa and South America. But that is exactly why it pairs well with traditional morning breakfast foods. Serenitea’s best-selling milk tea variants include Okinawa (brown sugar-flavored milk), Wintermelon (winter melon with caramel flavor and milk), and Hokkaido (butter toffee caramel-flavored milk). It has. Don't buy tea before reading these reviews. Unfortunately, it tastes like we’re drinking extremely diluted cheap floral perfume mixed with a bit of milk. Finding your desired best black tea brand from the world’s top 8 tea producing countries is not an easy task when you find more than 1000 brands available in the market. You bet! With over thousands of readers and boba lovers engaging with us across many platforms, we strive to spread boba and the culture it’s brought with it. ASSAM OOLONG MILK TEA, $5.80 for six 300ml packetsHailing from Taiwan, this milk tea comes in many flavours such as Oolong, Green Milk Tea, and even unconventional ones like Cookies and Cream. After having our fair share of bubble tea (100s of cups)… we’re positive we can share the best black tea for milk tea, bubble tea, or boba. By clicking Subscribe, I consent to Terms & Conditions. Strong, smooth and floral on occasion, unpleasantly sour and tannic most of the time. This ‘milk tea’ has a strong citrusy whiff of lemon, barely any tea taste, and the milk flavour is so faint, even cows would be offended. For one, you’ll want to have a stronger tea taste for milk tea in general. I've heard that black teas are best, but some of my favorite boba places have proven that oolong and green teas can work just as well. Our only grouse with this is its somewhat flat aftertaste. You can read a variety of. Despite its “real-brewed-ness”, this tastes pretty artificial and a whole lotta watered down to us. There are many reasons to seek an alternative to cows milk. Great tea blend for milk tea, kombucha, black tea lemonade and more. Steep 2 grams for 3-5 minutes for best flavors. The tea is wonderfully fragrant, not too sweet, and just the right amount of milky without being jelak. Such a great guide if you want to try a DIY version of boba! If you’re the type of person that likes more of a tea flavor in your milk tea or bubble tea then this might be your best bet. Get updates about the best spam fries and other delicious things in life – not spam. Recent years have seen our nation’s drinking habits change dramatically. Don’t judge this bottle by its unassumingly plain looks. Contact. ​​​​​​​. Wait, why is there barley here? Here are a few related articles you might find useful. Maybe even the best black tea in the world! The addition of dairy or creamer does not subdue the natural flavors as other black tea would. That alone must tell you it’s a tea brand to consider. Which doesn’t make for a satisfying milk tea experience. We can see why this Taiwanese brand of milk tea sparked a bulk-buying craze when it was first launched in Singapore. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. Blog. Rates of lactose intolerance vary significantly between regions. Without a stronger tea base, the other ingredients tend to overwhelm the entire milk tea or bubble tea. It has your strong, bold, and rich taste like any other English Breakfast tea blend. PREMIUM MORNING TEA, $1.90 for 500mlThe Japanese F&B company introduced this transparent milk tea in 2017, which quickly went viral ’cos of its novelty. You can interchange this blend with their Assam black tea blend and taste a big difference. Updated: Feb 6, 2020 Stocksy. The Connoisseur's Choice . Hi Boba lovers, in this article, I’ll show you a few boba & coffee shop in Jakarta, Indonesia that has a very unique concept (from, Sydney Australia has a lot of really neat things to look at, Opera houses and more! Not a fan of sugar? We hope this answered your search for the best black tea for milk tea. Are you looking to find black tea for homemade boba but you’re not sure where to start? The food and beverage scene in this place is, You know what lychee is right? It’s different in taste though, not as strong as the ones above. It’s what we imagine drinking Tide Pods to be like. About. Hong Kong cha chaan teng institution Lan Fong Yuen has its die-hard fans. In January this year, 7-Eleven Singapore caused a mini stir in Singapore when they started selling a Chinese-produced packaged version of LFY’s milk tea, which comes in chic orange-and-black cardboard cups that you can poke a straw in and drink from.This brew is very concentrated, in a milky brown shade like thick teh tarik. And occasionally drink boba while doing so, join our newsletter below. Chun Cui He’s milk tea is also far yummier compared to the other milk tea brands. 55 votes, 40 comments. It’s unabashedly creamy, rich and smooth, with a lingering aftertaste of aromatic Ceylon tea. Twinings Tea, English Breakfast, 100 Count, 7.05 oz. By Danielle St. Pierre. But that’s where the pleasantries end. To the citrus elements between. The one we tried is made with Indian Assam tea leaves, and comes in unexciting packets that you poke open with a small straw to drink from. The five excellent Assam tea brands reviewed in this post. Every tea company designs its own secret blend of breakfast teas, all claiming to have the best black tea available. In fact, it’s one of our favorite tea blends to use in milk tea or bubble tea due to its strong natural flavor. Our team of experts has selected the best tea out of hundreds of brands. Find the Top Taro Powders with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and Brands by Quality, Popularity and Pricing >> Updated 2020 You’ll feel like you’re drinking sweetened milk if you don’t get the right black tea blend. Pokka claims that this milk tea in a generic bottle is “100% real-brewed from specially selected premium Ceylon tea leaves and high-quality milk”. At $1.30, this glorious blend is certainly bang for your buck. With a whopping amount of reviews (1900 and counting). To address their customers’ curious questions, Suntory released a video explaining how the tea is made. If you ask us, this will go quite well with any bubble tea. Ahh… Assam. And guess what? As it turns out, this milk tea is inexplicably spiked with barley flavouring. That said, we don’t get the fuss about their nai cha, which has been hit-or-miss for us. Updated September 2020 . To get the best flavor you can always go the Taj’s website and refer the brewing guide. It looks classier than the kiddish round bottles that its rival brands are using. If there is one region of the world that holds the esteem and loyalty of tea aficionados, it is Assam. How to Make Lychee Bubble Tea with Real Lychee. The finely ground matcha is 100% organic, and the bag has enough powder for up to 100 servings. Did you know, for example, that an estimated 65% of the world population is lactose intolerant? Well, let’s find out! But we’d happily pay for quality over quantity.Available at FairPrice and Meidi-Ya supermarkets, 2Wo outlets and Redmart. The drink touts itself as being “less sweet, rich taste”, and its consistency is indeed more gao than its counterparts. Japanese beverage brand Sangaria is better known for its soft drinks, but it also makes this cute, dainty can of "mild" milk tea. Playmade’s Pink Cactus Berries With White Boba Ice Pop Taste Test: Nice Or Not? The brand name is not only meaningful and straightforward, which makes it easy to pronounce and remember; it also resonates with tea lovers. To provide myself and you guys a better overview of the options, I spent a couple days researching and came up with a list of the most luxurious brands. Topped off with a. sweet undertone. Great for a lighter black milk tea in the morning. It has various products for their customers like black tea, flavored tea, hot tea, iced tea. So, I’m going to review 15 finest black tea brands that will make your search easy for the best black tea which you really want to taste. Packaged milk tea is the unsung hero of the supermarket beverage aisle. Unless it’s fries. In a nutshell, water vapour from boiling black tea is first passed through a pile of loose black tea leaves so it absorbs the tea’s aroma. We’d buy this once for the ’gram, but never again.Available at Don Don Donki, 2Wo outlets and selected FairPrice Finest supermarkets. Without further ado, let’s start with our least favourite…. It’s a cheap and quick fix for when our milk tea craving strikes and there are no bubble tea shops in sight, or when we just don’t feel like shelling out over $4 for a drink. Tea is part of the Indian tea culture and Ayurveda also has practice of herbal teas with list of medicinal benefits. Keemun (also known as Qimen hong cha) is from the Anhui Province of eastern China. This milk tea made by Thai drinks company Uni-President boasts tea brewed with assam tea leaves “plucked from the Himalayan foothills, and fresh milk from New Zealand”. Often laden with vitamins and minerals, milk powder has a much longer shelf life, ideal for those who don’t always add milk in their tea of coffee. We promise, we’ve done the research so that you don’t have too. It offers a malty, rich, and memorable taste. As if to troll customers, Suntory also packaged the liquid like an innocuous bottle of mineral water.But how the heck is milk tea — which is opaque as opaque comes — become crystal-clear? This American supplier opened in California with the mission of providing quality bubble tea to the area. We wonder why, since we don’t find Wang’s milk tea iconic to the point where they had to be bottled and sold as a dedicated product (unlike perhaps, Yakun’s). It contains more milk than regular milk tea to create its distinctive creaminess. Best tea brands: the best tea bags for Great British brews There is nothing better than a cup of tea and these are the best tea brands. For purposes of fair comparison for this story, we feature only plain milk tea and excluded the flavoured ones like Earl Grey, or the haughtier-sounding royal milk tea, an invention created by British tea company Lipton’s Japanese arm in the ’60s. The milk tea itself fares better, though. And you can pretty much get it almost everywhere in Singapore.Available at major supermarkets, 7-Eleven, Cheers and Redmart. Even so, pour this into a glass, serve it with ice and you’d probably be fooled into thinking this was a freshly made cup of tea from a café, and not poured out of a plastic bottle.Available at selected FairPrice supermarkets, 7-Eleven and Cheers. *Being a part of the Amazon Associates Program, Talk Boba may or may not receive support from the audience clicking the links listed on our site. And the ones that are truly yummy are leaps and bounds above the other brands.

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