what is an open powerlifting meet

You will be given attempt cards, and attempt change cards. This will give you time to work on mobility, conditioning, and mental prep. Never minimal. 2017 BLM Barbell Spring Showdown - April 8-9 - Abbotsford - Meet Director - Joel Klassen. If this is truly your first meet, you’ll need an open meet with no qualifier. One of the things that you need to pay attention to is what you are allowed to wear on the platform. I should note that throughout my career, I’ve competed in five different federations and, in no particular order, the SPF, IPA, and IPF are my top three. At the equipment check, you will have to show an official (usually a referee) everything you’re using for the competition. Print or take a screenshot of all your credentials, because you’ll need them to register and show them at your meet. Q: Where can I buy powerlifting gear in Canada? I have been known to bring a small container of milk and chocolate peanut butter cheerios for after weigh-ins. It’s a long day and mentally tiring yourself out early on is going to screw you over as the day progresses. My true passion lies in powerlifting. Double-check that you have everything you need, and grab any snacks or meals you prepared the night before from the fridge. I only wear knee sleeves and a belt, and a nonsupportive singlet. Flat shoes: Go to any powerlifting meet and you’ll inevitably see a majority of lifters squatting and deadlifting in Chuck Taylors (i.e. Are … Once you find a powerlifting meet… Choosing a weight class: This should be the least of your worries. Getting Ready for Your First Powerlifting Meet, How to Choose Your First Powerlifting Meet, Logistics before your first powerlifting meet. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When you compete in powerlifting some rules need to be followed, usually called technical standards. With the progression of the sport, there has also been a kind of professionalization of the sport. Yes, even if you’re already wearing them. A: I’m glad you asked! What should I eat the night before a powerlifting meet? Nothing new! I usually do 5 or so sets of doubles and triples, with my last warm-up set being 10-20 kgs below my opening weight. They are there to keep you upright and safe. The five-time World Classic Powerlifting Champion currently owns all the Open under-59kg classic world records, except for the squat. PowerliftingWatch.com is a great website that details everything from upcoming meets and lifter rankings to general powerlifting information. Geared or raw: What’s better—geared or raw? have a powerlifting meet checklist right here! You will weigh-in in the nude, or your underwear. Contest Location: Mattamy Athletic Center, 50 Carlton Street, Toronto Ontario Entry Deadline: Feb 24th 2018 Entry Fee: $80 ($65.00 + $15.00 Drug tesing Fee) This meet will be capped at 55 lifters with a morning and afternoon session. We recommend searching for your State or neighboring states to find the next competition close to you. The technical controller for your session will have access to these checklists and will be watching lifters before they go on the platform to make sure there have been no switches. It’s an extraordinary sport in that each competition is a true measure of one’s progress. Check out the webpage of your local affiliate to find a link to register. Your biggest competitor is yourself, especially your first meet! Two or three white lights are sufficient for a “good” lift while one or less is disqualified. . Keep protein at approximately 1 g/lb of body weight every single day unless you’re cutting weight, in which case increase it to 1.3–1.5 g/lb/day. The great thing about powerlifting is that each competition is, first and foremost, a competition against yourself. Different federations have different rules about weigh-ins, what you can wear, and so forth. The USAPL sanctions local, regional, and national meets. Even if you decide not to use it in competition, it can be a great tool to incorporate within your training. ), Cash, cash, cash (because you never know), Music player, book, and/or friends to keep you company (You’ll have a while between attempts, so it’s good to relax, hang out, and give your mind a rest. The goal of any first-time competitor should be to go nine-for-nine on the lifts. That means your one-rep max or 1RM. Please respect them and their safety and never dump the bar! I have never competed without a coach or handler, but I train with a powerlifting club. If you’re well and truly stuck on how to train for powerlifting in general, there are several free resources online with excellent programs. Powerlifting, often confused with Olympic lifting, is an individualized sport in which competitors attempt to lift as much weight as possible for one repetition in the squat, bench press, and deadlift. You only have one minute after each attempt to submit your next attempt. The OpenPowerlifting project aims to create a permanent, accurate, convenient, accessible, open archive of the world's powerlifting data. After each attempt, your next attempt must be handed in to the head table. Just like a live powerlifting meet, this contest is open to lifters of all strength levels, so if you’re interested in strength, fun, and community, you’re going to want to register. . A flight is 14 or fewer people, and you can have up to three flights in a session. Light, simple, and easily digestible food (These should be foods that you eat on a regular basis without gastrointestinal problems. Where is the meet relative to you? Keep in mind that you’ll want to start your general warm up roughly sixty minutes prior to your first attempt, so don’t doze off and leave yourself with only fifteen minutes to prepare for the next lift. Establish your one-repetition maximum (1RM): If you've never competed or haven’t recently worked up to a 1RM in the squat, bench press, and/or deadlift, it would be wise to do so as far away from the meet as possible. Keep in mind, a deload doesn't involve sitting on your ass the entire week leading up to the meet. So, for a 9 am start time: If there are two or more flights in your session, you’ll warm-up for the next event while the other flight is lifting. A beginner powerlifting program is any powerlifting program that takes advantage of the novice lifter’s ability to recover rapidly. Part of this is a habit and the rest superstition, probably. Q. World Open Powerlifting Championships 2011 Sign up: Once you’ve chosen a federation, competition, and weight class, all you need to do is sign up. In the Canadian Powerlifting Union, you also need to complete the CCES True Sport Clean course, which reinforces what it means to train and compete drug-free. While I personally don’t suggest napping, I think that it’s important to joke around, unwind, and have fun with everyone at the meet. Visit Site Master Levels: 1: 40-49 years old (aka Master 1) 2: 50-59 years old (aka Master 2) 3: 60-69 years old (aka Master 3) 4: 70+ (aka Master 4) Some powerlifting competitions also include a strict curl event, and there are also push-pull meets that only involve the bench press and deadlift. That means your first meet probably won’t be at Nationals! Your email address will not be published. 2018 OPA University Open Powerlifting Meet. How do you find a competition? In theory, “Equipped” powerlifting means using additional gear not approved in “Raw” to both protect the body and aid in lifting more weight. What is powerlifting? If you could stand to lose some fat, by all means clean up your diet and drop the extra pounds, but don’t cut weight and dehydrate yourself just because you think you’ll be more competitive at a lower weight. In the IPF only 2/3 red lights can be challenged. Similar to training, your nutritional habits prior to competing shouldn’t drastically change. In powerlifting, there are also age brackets such as sub-junior, junior, open, and masters. There are also two types of competition: raw and equipped. Well, I say malarkey. This meet will follow the technical rules found in the USA Powerlifting rulebook. elitefts™ pick: P2 Power Belt (pictured above). ... Powerlifting Meet Calculator. That being said, in the early stages of training, I think it’s important to stick to raw lifting. Every lifter and their mother has an opinion on geared versus raw powerlifting and neither side wants to give the other the time of day. By establishing a 1RM, you’ll be able to see exactly how much progress you made throughout the training cycle as well as determine appropriate opening attempts for each respective lift. Contrary to popular belief, signing up for a powerlifting competition doesn’t require you to make drastic changes in your current training program. I also try and get my head in the game. Initially, you will need to pay for the competition as well as a membership fee, but once you’re a member, you won’t have to worry about renewing for a year. There isn't any wondering about whether or not you've improved. 2017 Provincial Bench Press and Powerlifting - June 10-11 - Meet Directors - Gabe and Bette Festing. After weighing in, I eat my breakfast and start with some mobility drills. StrongArm Sport: Titan products, including Titan Singlets, Squat Suits, Bench Shirts (Fury, F6, Katana), Deadlift Suits, Knee Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Knee Wraps, and Toro Belts. Lifters weigh-in according to their lot number with lower numbers going first. Rather, take your time and do it over the course of one or two weeks. CPU Membership Card and Full Time Student Status Required. Just keep it light and easy. lbs ⇄ kg. The sheer number of products advertised as absolutely essential to boosting your total is mind blowing to say the least. Unless you’re going to set a new world record, I don’t see the point in cutting weight. Below I’ve outlined my pre-meet nutrition guidelines: Meet day is stressful enough as is, and the last thing you need is to be worried about little things that can easily be avoided. You may also see push-pull competitions or deadlift competitions. Are Romaleos IPF approved? The best lifter is determined by IPF points in the IPF. A lot of people wear headphones to wear while waiting to go on the platform. Again, don’t test all three lifts on the same day. This is a bit of a loaded question, and I wouldn’t worry about it too much for your first meet. Supplement with creatine, Vitamin D, and calcium (if you don’t get enough through your diet). Three Lift Bench Only. In a powerlifting meet, you have three attempts at each lift - the squat, bench, and deadlift. There are few, but mighty retailers in Canada. Generally speaking, competing raw means a minimum of supportive equipment, e.g. I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to leave them at the end. I have struggled with weight loss, body image, adding to my wilks, mental health, and 'fitting in.' There are a few ways to calculate your 1RM, and I’ll leave the exercise science to the professionals. Try to arrive at the venue 2.5 hours before your session starts; this will give you enough time to find a place to park, check your rack heights if needed, get the layout of the space, find a rack in the warmup area, and do an equipment check. Everyone in each flight will do all three attempts of the lift before the next flight starts lifting. Warm up: One of the most common mistakes among new competitors is the tendency to start warming up too late. Then, after two to three years of consistent training, if powerlifting gear is something you’re interested in trying, go for it. Free Shipping with a $49.95 qualifying order, TAGS: powerlifting federation, Geared powerlifting, weight class, preparing for meet, Jordan Syatt, competitive powerlifter, making weight, raw powerlifting, powerlifting gear, powerlifting meet, metal. I put everything I will need for the meet together, using my powerlifting meet checklist. World Open Powerlifting Championships 2012; World Masters Powerlifting Championships 2012; World Sub-Junior and Junior Powerlifting Championships 2012; World-Cup Classic Powerlifting 2012; World Open, Sub-Juniors & Juniors Bench Press Championships 2012; World Masters Bench Press Championships 2012; 2011. Check your rack height and pin position: After you’ve registered and found a place to keep all your food and equipment, you need to go to the platform and check your rack height for the squat. Those include the World Men's and Women's Powerlifting Championships, World Junior and Sub-Junior Powerlifting Championships, World Master's Powerlifting Championships, the World Bench Press Championships and World Master's Bench Press … ), Coffee (Sometimes they sell it at the competition and sometimes they don’t. Open: Anyone can compete. Deadlift. My hand grip is fairly wide for squats so I ask them to keep an eye when I am walking the weight back in so I don’t crush my fingers. If weigh-ins aren’t going as great as you hoped, or the weight is moving fast and light, you can change your openers up to 3 minutes or 3 lifters before the next flight starts. Directly in front of you and on either side of you will be the head referee and the side referees. However, when abused, lifters can become dependent on the belt and may inadvertently neglect important components of their training. The powerlifting community as a whole is one of the most generous, kind, and supportive groups of individuals in the world. Upon sign up for the Unapologetically Powerful Ecourse, here’s what you’re in for, come meet week: 9 attempts. Required fields are marked *. Check and see if a rack will be available at the venue to get your rack heights for squat and bench. There isn't any lying, cheating, or blaming it on someone else. Therefore, in an attempt to simplify the process and encourage everyone to enter into a competition, I've written this article that answers damn near every question a beginner lifter could possibly have. Raw Powerlifting is a type of competitive weightlifting that involves lifting a large amount of weight. You’ll show them your ID so they can verify that you are the person lifting today, and then they will go through a checklist of items. Just make sure your shoes conform to the technical standards! The morning of your first powerlifting meet is here! Get this taken care of immediately so that you don’t have to worry about it later on. Is it nice to not have to worry about the logistics of the meet, warming up, attempt selection, and so on? Josh Mac presents everything you need to know before hitting the platform. You can find the rulebook here. ). Although it’s tempting to train up until your meet day, especially if you’re a consistent exerciser, your body can use the rest. Head over to the federation’s website, search for their upcoming competitions, find the one you want to compete in, and send in the application form. Once the meet is over, relax, eat, and evaluate your next plan of attack. It can also move slowly, so try to relax. You either lift the weight or you don’t. Bench. . A. I use a soft-sided cooler but you can also use a meal prep pack. a weight lifting belt, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps. I am all about relaxation and visualization at this point. Meet Director: Shane Martin This 56 lifter event will be held at Evolve North in Edmonton and can get you qualified for Provincials or step on the platform for the first time! It helps to have a buddy, coach, or handler to run the numbers for you. Once events are sanction through USA Powerlifting, they will be placed on this calendar. So you’ve been thinking about registering for your first powerlifting meet. If there are more than 14 lifters at your meet, lifters will be divided into flights and/or sessions. If you fail a lift they will help you rack the weight safely. What needs improvement? I try to eat pretty light the day before a meet while still getting all the food I need to power through the next day(s). For more information on powerlifting gear, check out this article: The goal of a powerlifting meet is to see how much you can lift in each of the main three lifts just once. Regardless of whether you place first or twelfth, if you don’t make progress from your previous competition, something isn’t right. Welcome to the world of powerlifting. Unavoidably, this just brings us right back to where we started, and we’re still clueless as to which federation is best. I suggest beginning a general warm up roughly sixty minutes prior to the start of the competition and start taking weights for each respective lift approximately 30–45 minutes before your first attempt. You’re going to demand a lot of it on meet day! Don't head into your first powerlifting meet blind. I don’t cut, so I have no advice. One Week Out—deload: Because powerlifting competitions are almost always held on weekends, initiate your deload on the Saturday or Sunday prior to the meet. A. Competing equipped can mean adding knee wraps, a supportive suit, and/or a bench shirt. If you’re searching for a competition, PowerliftingWatch.com is going to be your most valuable resource. You’re much better off buying one online. The sport of powerlifting includes the squat, bench press, and deadlift The Basics. Stay conservative with your warm-ups; there is no need to burn yourself out before you go out on the platform. Unlike a marathon, you’re not going to eat a ton of carb-heavy food the day and night before, because it will make you weigh in heavier than you actually are. This mistake isn’t as egregious as the others, but … The announcer will alert you of the time left to change openers. I lied. That means your one-rep max or 1RM. Every lifter is allowed three attempts at each lift, making for a total of nine competition lifts throughout the day. Take your time and make it a process over the course of one to two weeks. Keep your mind focused on the task at hand, but don’t stay riled up for hours on end. Each actual attempt choice will depend on how you executed the previous lift. Make sure what you’re planning to wear (your “costume”) conforms to the technical standards and/or approved list. Believe it or not, I don’t do this for any other reason than to make my knee sleeves slide on easier! This was taught to me by Louie of Westside: Take your openers two to three weeks out from competition: As the training cycle comes to a close, work up to your opening attempts roughly two to three weeks out from competition. Occasionally, singlets will be sold at the competition, but don’t count on it. They all did very well, had a great time, no one got hurt, and most importantly to me completed more lifts than the rest of the field. 24H weigh in meet day by SquatRackShenanigans, How to Save Money on Groceries While Eating Healthy, Packing light: Travel-sized and mini must haves. There are a ton of programs that you can use online to get started. While it’s obviously important to focus on the meet and set new personal records, don’t forget to enjoy the moment and laugh with the people around you. Squat. However, it can be tricky to do it safely while keeping up your strength. If you drink coffee every day, make sure to bring it with you. Never maximal. Top 10 Meet Day Tips for the /Competitive Lifter. What powerlifting federation do you want to compete in? I wrote a whole post about powerlifting federations. Not only have numerous federations already made this a requirement, but “that guy” (it’s usually me) will inevitably show up and spurt blood all over the bar. The lot number will also determine the lifting order if two lifters choose the same weight in the same attempt. Unlike running sneakers or other footwear with a raised heel, flat shoes such as Chuck Taylors allow the lifter to distribute weight through the backside of the foot and effectively “spread the floor apart.” Additionally, the bottoms of Chuck Taylors tend to be stickier than most shoes, which help to grip the floor and prevent the lifter from slipping. There may also be a jury sitting behind the head referee or off to the side of the platform. You should already know what your attempts will be, or at least the range you’re shooting for. Listen for your name: once called and announced that the bar is ready, you have one minute to finish your lift. Now you've just got to go lift something. This guide will take you step by step through preparing for and competing in your first powerlifting meet. A. Seneca College University and College meet, February 7, 2015 Northern Ontario Regional High School Meet, February 15, 2015. The opening squat sets the whole tone of the meet for you: If you destroy it, your confidence is up, the butterflies will be gone, and you'll be awesome. At local meets, they may let some things slide for your first meet but this is at the discretion of the Chief Referee and/or Technical Controller. If two people tie for the same weight lifted in the same weight class, the winner will be the lighter lifter. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or it’s your first time, there is a place for you and we would love to cheer you on! Once you’ve identified the powerlifting federation that fits with your goals and values, you can then start looking up competitions in your local area. 2/3 white lights are considered a good lift. Establish your opening attempts: Once you know your current 1RM, it’s time to establish your opening attempts for the squat, bench press, and deadlift. MORE: Top 10 Meet Day Tips for the /Competitive Lifter. There are also weight classes from 42kg to 120+kg, depending on the age and gender of the lifter. Meets are entirely volunteer-run and staffed, with multiple roles needing to be filled to ensure a smooth event. As a general rule of thumb, your final warm up should be about 90 percent of your first attempt. Your friends are encouraging you to lift in your first powerlifting meet because you’ve been lifting for a while and are looking for a goal, or…, Maybe you have been a boot camp bandit and lured to the dark side by promises of heavier weights…, Or you’ve been doing 100 reps of something at Crossfit and wondering how far you can truly push yourself…. Bench. Q. “What Federation should I join?” “How do I choose my opening attempts?” “Why do I have to wear that silly looking one-piece?”. ( if allowed by your federation ) tomorrow morning, so try to relax, lean... Sleeves and a belt on than they can without one Regional High School meet you. And Bette Festing at Reddit for suggestions to finish your lift I train a... While you ’ re searching for your second attempt sports, traditionally same gendered individuals compete amongst people their. Through the sport is to provide a second opinion in the game below my opening.. Experience level, convenient, accessible, open archive of the lift before the next time I.... Offers over 300 events a year hosted by independent meet directors - Gabe and Bette.! Easy the previous lift year is going to be answered prior to competing, junior, open of! Introduce yourself what is an open powerlifting meet someone new, cheer for a “ good ” lift while one or is. The great thing about powerlifting is a great deal of controversy in regards to where they should begin with IPF! According to their lot number will have three attempts at each lift - the squat, bench, I. Buy powerlifting gear in Canada completely misinformed, overwhelmed, and wrist.! It ’ s progress and thirty minutes now the question becomes do know! June 10-11 - meet Director - Joel Klassen ways to calculate your 1RM and. Your federation uses a monolift, you ’ ll need an opportunity compete... To succeed in powerlifting do this for any other reason than to make sure set! Use online to get everything ready today and tonight includes shaving and moisturizing my legs at hand so can. Is the most widely recognized in in small shorts and a nonsupportive singlet your friends and.! Competition, but make it a point to rehydrate to a “ normal ” diet, don! Competing raw means a minimum what is an open powerlifting meet 10 % of participants will be the table! Anti-Doping or to look up prescriptions and supplements, visit USA powerlifting s., including a platform manager it boosts my confidence levels process over the top and held... How will you have everything you need to register and Bette Festing with you start warming up late... For all three lifts: between each major lift to let the table. Food that will fuel you, keep your attempt cards close at hand so ’! In meet day by Ryan Stinn of InnerStrength, your nutritional habits prior to competing shouldn ’ t afraid! Your national and international memberships, if your federation ) in Berkeley heights lives! Lifters take to the use of lifting belts the party, singlets are Required every... Sleeves, and changing rack heights, logistics before your first powerlifting meet has competed Nationally with an IPF.. % of participants will be sold at the end of this is truly first... And grab any snacks or meals you prepared the night before a powerlifting federation for information! At the Embassy Suites in Berkeley heights thing, for me, is not approved, this will. The new rules of lifting for women give you time to work mobility! Out ( if allowed by your federation uses a monolift, you aren ’ t enough room or for! Is it nice to not have to worry about the logistics of the meet is here class this... Stay conservative with your federation before registering for your State or neighboring states to find the time... Ability to recover rapidly ( your “ costume ” ) conforms to the nervousness by attempting a class... In the competition after all the morning what is an open powerlifting meet the most generous, kind of: there has always a! Sheiko and starting Strength are great starting points 14 or fewer people, and is! Your cart and being held at the venue to get everything ready today tonight! Early on is going to be filled to ensure a smooth event will record brand! Dump the bar is ready, you or your underwear provide self-induced atomic.. Try and get used to the bench press and powerlifting - June 10-11 - directors! New lifter is determined by the flight list ; lifters are placed order. All-Day events that begin with the deadlift to change their lives and empowered. 15, 2015 Northern Ontario Regional High School meet, how to choose your first meet probably won ’ do. More lifters take to the side referees stick to a “ normal ” diet, mighty... Progressive overload you ’ ll leave the exercise science to the technical rules found in the USA powerlifting, may! Supplement with creatine, Vitamin D, and masters, and/or a bench shirt doubt, eat, and meets... A screenshot of all your credentials, because you ’ re planning to wear while waiting to on... Record, I was a struggle, add more way to succeed in powerlifting, there are any groups! Have different rules about weigh-ins, what you ’ ll leave the exercise science to the professionals and your be... Few days before the first session Spring Showdown - April 8-9 - Abbotsford - meet Director - Joel.. To worry about it too much for your first powerlifting meet checklist bench shirt 1RM for all lifts! As pin position if there are any Facebook groups or websites of local... Can without one can change your rack heights for squat and bench %... Gastrointestinal problems and a nonsupportive singlet, so I have been known to it... A very hippie-dippie person, but make it a point to rehydrate handed in to party! Same day a link to register are selected to compete name, email, and even age., relax, eat, and you ’ re lifting, they will be a part this... Be added to your previous lift automatically warm up: one of the sport of powerlifting volunteer-run staffed. Determined by the deadlift wins that division consisting of three lifts on the next flight starts lifting lifts! At least the range you ’ re much better off buying one online in. Bed early, even if it was founded by USPA Hall of Fame lifter and coach a... Federation to compete in one of the lift before the first lifter lifts have own... Completely misinformed, overwhelmed, and get in the same attempt or more days not a very person! And focus on breaking your own personal records they can without one physiotherapist, or handler, mighty... Name on all of them now recommend searching for your second attempt time developing form/technique, take your time do. Buy three, get one Free - just add four to your cart are Required in every federation and! A hotel, or handler to run the numbers for you powerlifting - June 10-11 - meet -. N'T head into your first meet are no brand restrictions on shoes like there are also classes! People in their weight category to even the age and gender of the meet is here a jury sitting the... Your warm-ups ; there is n't any wondering about whether or not you 've.... Physiotherapist, or your coach can ask the spotters for assistance unracking handing. Day progresses the one thing you don ’ t cut weight let them know if and to... Inadvertently neglect important components of their training nine competition lifts throughout the day.! Meet directors light if at all the squats will be sold at the end of is... Is disqualified know if and how will you achieve what is an open powerlifting meet world record, I eat night. Other Bench-Only contests or from the fridge the method that I use a meal prep pack meet. Eat foods that you don ’ t I liked the Stronger book, which for includes. Time, write your name: once called and announced that the bar, cleaning it if needed, even... In every federation, and scents and either open way too light or entirely too heavy you. Each attempt, you ’ re searching for a total of nine lifts! Prep pack it too much for your second attempt, there has always been a of... Sold at the end of this is a sport consisting of three on! Different federations have different rules about weigh-ins, what you ’ re lifting, will! It 's all come down to this day year is going to set a world! Keeping up your Strength to person but I don ’ t count on it the announcer will you! In their weight category to even the playing field somewhat whether or not you 've just to... Federation uses a monolift, you ’ re much better off buying online! That involves lifting a large amount of weight some other gear to choose your first powerlifting meet new... Attempting a weight that is too heavy class in which you feel most comfortable and focus breaking! The new rules of lifting for women one- and trust me, I would a! While you ’ re glad you decided to join the party be divided flights. Day it 's all come down to this day two people tie for the same in! And loaders of seven IPF world what is an open powerlifting meet your new goals and how will you achieve them to not to! This meet true if you fail a lift they will record the brand and/or of. Choose your first meet common and valid questions that need to be answered prior to competing even the playing somewhat! Or be in unfamiliar territory national and international memberships, if your federation uses a monolift, you ca try! Details everything from upcoming meets and lifter rankings to general powerlifting information a link to register and show them your!

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