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Colorado has a vast number of high alpine lakes loaded with trout. When I was young I loved to fish alpine lakes. Posted in Beginning Fly Tyers, brook trout, Fly Fishing Photography, Fly Fishing Videos, How to Fly Fish, kids that fish, stillwater fly fishing, Utah Fly Fishing | Tags: alpine lakes, brook trout, brook trout fishing, fly fishing, fly fishing for brook trout, fly fishing lakes, fly fishing Spring, fly fishing video, kids that fish… They do this for two reasons. My Nephew and I hit a bunch of alpine lakes in Utah. And let's be honest, wouldn't we all rather be there right now anyway? Fish Stocking in Alpine Lakes. You just worked your butt off to get this far, and you do not want to waste valuable time. A lot of the time fish will cruise around the lake on the edge of the drop off or shelves. So out of the three basic principles that govern fish (protection, food source, and current), one has been removed. This and the fact that they don’t receive as much pressure as the rivers in the area make for some very “eager” trout. Take a variety of dry flies making sure you have at least a few mosquito patterns in size’s 8 through 12. The scenic perfection of Utah's High Uinta lakes drew my attention. My favorite part about this hike is that Emerald holds Cutthroat trout and Heather holds Greyling giving you the opportunity to fish for two different species. We ran into a bunch of snow and were unable to access some lakes but found great fishing at others. The guides at Kirks Fly Shop have been providing guided services in Rocky Mountain National Park for nearly 20 years, and while we’re not going to give away all of our hidden secrets, we can share with you some helpful tips and names of alpine lakes to fish for cutthroat that are off the beaten path in one of our nation’s most visited and heavily trafficked National Parks. (2) Fish CAN see very well! Bozeman is surrounded by mountain ranges on all four sides and not surprising, all of these ranges are dotted with alpine lakes. The big reason is there is no current. It’s usually your presentation, location, or depth that’s killing you. A lot of the time fish will cruise around the lake on the edge of the drop off or shelves. The scenic perfection of Utah’s High Uinta lakes drew my attention. Often overlooked is Southwest Montana’s excellent selection of alpine lake fishing. Just make sure that you give the fly a couple of small jerks before you recast if you want to entice the fish. For alpine lakes, bending this rule is more acceptable. One of the best things about fishing small headwaters streams and alpine lakes is fishing to willing and unpressured fish. One of the golden rules of fly fishing is that if the fish aren’t biting, you should change everything else in your power before switching flies. Don’t let fish fever spoil the easier-to-bag luster of the high alpine. Photo by Chase Gunnell. Throw out a terrestrial fly on the water, and you'll bring this type of fish to the surface. Reading backpacking and fly fishing books on Montana can give you some ideas on what hike to do. The latest how-to video from Ben Sittig, a.k.a Huge Fly Fisherman, is all about getting away from the crowds by hiking into the mountains to fish high, alpine lakes.He offers valuable tips for how to find lakes that haven’t already been fished by the masses, as well as information on fly choice, time of day, and weather. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. All Rights Reserved Once the sun gets up high in the horizon most of the trout will stop feeding on top and move to deeper water. Trout at these elevations only have a few months to bulk up for the long winter ahead of them. ALPINE LAKES WILDERNESS — My lungs and legs were burning as I climbed over the ridgeline and caught my first ... there was a fly hatch, and for the next hour fish … This is my style of Alpine Fly Fishing. As long as you don’t spook the fish (which can be quite easy), you can take advantage of the scarce food situation. This type of wet fly can also help weed out smaller trout, and draw in the lakes larger specimens. Get on the water early for the best dry fly fishing. Many lakes are stocked by plane, mules, or by foot, ... Colorado Fly Fishing Reports 700 East 24th Avenue Denver, CO 80205 Office 303-861-0240 Reservations 800-882-4314 The biggest tool at your disposal is the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks fish stocking lists. When approaching alpine lakes, here are a few tips that might help you catch fish. Go to dry fly patterns for alpine lakes are: Elk Hair Caddis, Royal Wulffs, beetles, ants, and hopper patterns. The alpine lakes are a paradise for fly anglers, who can often find prolific hatches during the mornings and evenings. The best way to fish a lake like this is to slowly wade out to within casting distance of the drop off and wait for a pod of fish to cruise by. The problem with a lot of these answers is that they are pure speculation. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They are unweighted, but fish fine on a floating line in still water. While national parks had fish stocking programs in the past, North Cascades was created at a time when people's perception … Get on the water early for the best dry fly fishing. Fly Fishing for Beginners - Techniques - Lakes Fishing lakes is quite a bit different than fishing a stream. That strategy works for most things in life, including fly angling. When one conjures up ideas of iconic fishing in Montana it is usually of the Yellowstone River or Gallatin River. i learned early that a lake's remoteness equated into great fishing; consequently, an arduous hike led to an angling treasure. Most fly fishers already posses much of the equipment necessary for fishing high lakes but will want to add to their arsenal. Mayflies, caddis, scuds, chironomids, leeches and damselflies are the primary food sources, with a healthy dose of terrestrials (ants, beetles and grasshoppers) added. In small streams leading into and out of alpine lakes, you can get close to the fish by kneeling or by hiding behind rocks and vegetation. Your email address will not be published. Smaller size 18-14 Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, and Prince Nymphs take fish quite regularly. ... Well here is a video going over how they stock these alpine lakes. When most people think of tenkara, they usually associate it with small streams. Timing the rhythm of the trout rising is a key success factor for the angler as well. Nearby lakes also hold Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout. White shirts just scream "here I am! Its also never a bad idea to ask someone at the local fly shop in the area what lakes have been fishing well and go from there. Your alpine lake fly box will contain the same dry fly and nymph patterns that work on lowland waters, since the same kind of trout foods live in both types of water. Frequently, high-country trout will … Experimentation is the key. On alpine lakes, I saw my success rate dramatically improve by leading a cruising fish. If there are any creeks or springs entering the lake, there are usually fish hanging around picking off bugs that are deposited by the stream. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He explains the ins and outs of fly fishing alpine lakes in his own succinct yet humorous way. When i was young i loved to fish alpine lakes. It also makes for some easy and exciting fishing for kids and beginners! Fishing these remote lakes often happens on overnight or multi-day backpacking trips and the compact design and lack of reel make tenkara rods … Because of the fierce competition for food, some of these high Colorado lakes alpine trout will aggressively attack anything that even resembles a meal. However, many people might be surprised to learn that it is also a good choice for fishing high alpine lakes. Even if you miss the mark, the fish will come back for your fly. Cutthroat Trout Release on a Montana Alpine Lake Timing the rhythm of the trout rising is a key success factor for the angler as well. Wet fly patterns to have with you are: leaches, soft-hackle pheasant tails, damselflies, caddis pupa, and calibaetis nymphs. For those lakes accessible by auto or horse, a float tube is indispensable for reaching fish beyond casting distance from shore. Often, high-sticking or dapping the fly is the best way to get a short, clean drift. Article by Flynn Kenney, check him out on Instagram @fkenney4. Often you can’t just sit in one spot and expect to get shots at rising trout. 2 Alternatives for Attaching Your Split-Shot. Cast your fly out in front of them and wait for a fish to strike! Enter your number below to receive new, up-to-date river reports from Montana Troutfitters. If what you’re doing doesn’t work, try something else. The first step in getting into alpine lake fishing is deciding which lake you would like to hike into. However, it is never a bad idea to explore a lake with zero information on it, who knows you might just find a secret high alpine lake loaded with fish. This lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness roughly 2.5 hours from Seattle and a ten mile hike from the trailhead is home to Cutthroat Trout and Golden Trout. Most alpine lakes were originally fishless, and some states like Idaho and Montana, first introduced fingerlings by carrying them in milk cans on horseback over one hundred years ago. Don't walk up to the lake and start casting away; find coverage, a tree, bush, shady area and watch what the fish … A good day trip is up to Lava Lake, this is a mellow 2.5 mile hike in to a gorgeous high alpine lake filled with good sized cutthroat. These lists give you fish species, dates, quantities, and size that were planted. It’s very much a team effort between the fly angler and the oarsman. Many answers are claiming that sticky fish eggs are carried by birds to remote, high lakes. Secondly, low light conditions during dawn and dusk hours offer the trout safety from birds of prey that target them for food. As an added bonus, many of these highcountry trout will charge the fly from several feet away, bringing a predatory thrill to the alpine experience. Site by: Prime Inc. I was lucky enough to have a few days off last week so fellow guide … Photo by Landon Mayer. Pay attention to where the fish are feeding in the water column. More times than not the oarsman has to stealthily row along with the cruising fish, pacing himself with the trout and their heading, so the angler can make a pin point cast just ahead of the trout. No comments yet / Posted on January 14, 2020 / by Kent Klewein, Fly Fishing Alpine Lakes for Trout – Photos By: Louis Cahill. Enjoy the mountain lake views from your two decks, hot tub or walk down to your own private dock to go fishing for trout, perch, or silvers all while watching the osprey and bald eagles fighting over the catch of the day. Well let's take a little break and live vicariously through Ben...he's a Huge Fly Fisherman. First you’ll find your best hatches early in the morning and late in the evening. Alpine lake fishing in the beauuuutiful Rocky Mountains :) I'm a newb at fly fishing, so forgive my newbieness. For updated information on products and other Troutfitter news, © 2020 Montana Troutfitters Cutthroat Trout Release on a Montana Alpine Lake. These will make your fly seem alive and wake the attention of the fish. The park estimates about 1,000 people fish these alpine lakes each year, but McKean believes those numbers are low. When fish aren’t rising, try stripping leech patterns and wooly buggers through the depths to catch some of the bigger fish in the lakes. Fishing alpine lakes is a great reason to strap on a backpack and hit the trail. Get away from me!" For the best alpine fishing, head to high mountain lakes and streams that are filled with brown, brook, rainbow and cutthroat. These lakes are just over a 5 mile hike and can make for a great one night trip. There are a number of lakes on this loop, and I really enjoy spending a night at a few different lakes. Summer is a fantastic time to fish rivers and creeks but it also is the perfect time to strap on a backpack and explore some high mountain lakes. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If you have already packed into the high country a few times and now want to try fishing, look at the newly adopted sport as merely icing on the cake that mother nature so infinitely bakes at every turn of the trail. This allows you to get a good estimate of what size and quantities of fish you can expect to get into at the lake. Fishing these wilderness waters is often very simple. Wet fly patterns to have with you are: leaches, soft-hackle pheasant tails, damselflies, caddis pupa, and calibaetis nymphs. Alpine lakes have structure, just like the larger lakes found farther down the mountains. Go to dry fly patterns for alpine lakes are: Elk Hair Caddis, Royal Wulffs, beetles, ants, and hopper patterns. Alpine Lakes Offer an Alternative to Crowded Fishing. Food Sources for High Colorado Lakes As with any backcountry adventure, proper planning and preparation are key! Chaffee County’s high alpine lakes feature spin or fly fishing along with incredible mountain views. Tenkara is an ideal style for surgically fishing the diverse structures of small streams. When fishing alpine lakes you only need to bring a few patterns with you. I also make sure to have some black gnat’s, grey wulfs, and a royal wulfs at well. I’ve Got A 6 Foot Bed That Never Has To Be Made. Spanish Creek Trail and Lakes offer up a great multi-night adventure. On a personal note, I have had the fortune to fish exactly one alpine lake. Captcha loading...In order to pass the CAPTCHA please enable JavaScript. Nymphs can also be fished in high alpine ponds with great success. But it never hurts to pay close attention to what the fish are doing and what they’re focusing on. At such times, a fly fished just under the surface can bring more strikes than a dry fly will. There’s something really special about making long accurate casts to rising trout on the move. When fishing alpine lakes you only need to bring a few patterns with you. And rightfully so. A great overnight fishing trip is up to Heather and Emerald Lakes. Alpine Lake Escape is the ultimate cabin retreat right on the shores of pristine Fish Lake. Later, state management programs began to use airplanes and helicopters to …

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